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  1. If the air pump is 50$ and the cooling fan is 15$, do you think it is worth it?
  2. I want to setup some more tanks for breeding and whatnot and sometimes air pumps can get pretty hot, I was wondering if a corded pc fan would help to keep it cool, maybe extend its lifetime. if somone has done this or tips or has any comments or anything please comment
  3. I am making this post for my friend he has a 10 gallon tank with lots of plants, algae,drift wood, some rocks and stuff. he has a couple guppies, tetras, African dwarf frogs. But he found these weird bugs on/in his filter and on some drift wood, we don’t know if these are bad for the fish or somthing. they appear to be eating algae on stuff pls help with ID and any advice or comments are welcome
  4. If you are looking for a larger fish to help lower guppy population you could go with and Oscar, they will love the 95 gallons of swimming space 👍
  5. I want to make a fry system like the one dean made, what would be a good amount of gph for the pump?
  6. Thank you this helps a lot
  7. @Colu would it be overdosing if I used the jungle tabs everyday?
  8. Here some images of the cooler changing guppy, he was blue with the stripe but once I added an aronge guppy to the group he developed an orange stripe
  9. Thank you, I am trying to get the medicine as soon as possible, once I get it I will treat the whole tank to make sure it’s gone👍
  10. Here are some more images of another infected guppy
  11. (Also I don’t know if this is worth mentioning but the only tank mates are guppies)
  12. Thanks this helps a lot, the infected ones are very lathargic, they bacicly only lay on the bottom of the tank and they don’t eat 😞
  13. This is what I plan on doing, I thought it was ick and I probably would have lost all my guppies without the advice from everybody, thanks all.
  14. I’ll check my parameters in a minute but I found another guppie who had it Water parameters: ph:7.8. Hardness I believe it’s pretty neutral (I don’t have tests but the tap water is hard but I have a filter that is sopposed to make it soft so it doesn’t damage the pipes but it need to be replaced so the hardness is neutral to hard) temp: 77 F
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