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  1. Given some time, the plants you have will fill out the tank nicely. I'm a fan starting with a couple of plants and just letting them do what they want to do - it's cool to see how they grow in and change over time! Also, I love the red phantom tetras, wish they were more popular.
  2. Don't get discouraged in your search! I found my wild-type blue acara by chance at my LFS and he is becoming one of my favorite fish. When you do find one, it'll be worth the wait. The electric blues are beautiful too, but I hope the wild type ones become more popular in the future. Dan's Fish has some available from time to time and, compared to some other online sources, shipping isn't crazy expensive.
  3. @AtomicSunfish I also prefer the regular blues to the electrics - I was really surprised when my LFS had a few! I think Dan's Fish has them sometimes if you're having a hard time finding them locally.
  4. @macdaddy36 I forgot all about hatchetfish! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂
  5. Just to second what others have already said: I generally dose for the full volume of the tank because I fill directly from my sink using a python. If I was just treating a bucket to add to a tank, then I'd dose for the volume of the bucket.
  6. Hey everyone! I've been doing lots of research and list-making but can't make up my mind so I figured I'd crowd source it. I have a planted, well-established 40 breeder with 6 skunk corydoras, and a juvenile blue acara (the wild type, he's so awesome). The tank just feels like it's missing something and I can't decide between a group of larger tetras (diamond tetras?) or another more docile cichlid (keyholes?) to round out the tank. Any other suggestions are welcome too :) As the acara grows, it could very well turn out that he needs the space to himself which would be fine by me, but figured I'd see what other hobbyists thought. Photo of the tank attached (pardon the algae on the back glass).
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