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  1. Thanks still learning but getting better.
  2. Slowly getting to my original plan a crypt only blue dream tank. Only need to take out the moss and I will be there. Floated some guppy grass and pogostemmin octopus for a while just to add plant mass until it got balanced out
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. I'm thinking of setting it up more as a comunity tank and if I decide to breed the rams I can move them to a different tank to do so.
  4. Thanks y'all. I would love one day to have a big tank but for now my largest is a 55. I'm thinking for now and the space I have I rather have multiple smaller tanks.
  5. Hello all Koty here just wanted to say Hi. I had several tanks a while back but shut them all down when I moved. Five years later I noticed I had a little 8.8 gal fluval ebi so I recently jumped back in. Now a couple months in I have it and a 10 gal set up and recently got a deal on a double 40 breeder and double 55's that I'm now planning out. Here are some pics of my old 55 from back before the move
  6. Planning out the next tank. Which always seems to be the case. lol. I'm thinking a heavily planted with mostly crypts. With a large school of both coryadoras hasbrosus and chili rasboras. Maybe some amino shrimp and a pair of bolivian rams. I'm looking for thoughts on how much trouble I will be in if the rams decide to spawn. Is it a case of enough hiding spots it would likely be okay, must move the rams out when they breed or is this just very likely to not work out? I have other tanks so there is always a backup plan but I try to avoid creating problems if I do not need to. Here goes the unanswerable question as I know the answer is depends on how much upkeep you want to do but if it were you setting this up what size schools of the cory's and rasboras would you shoot for?
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