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  1. Sorry about the late reply, been busy moving... I love those haps, i think i will be going with either the peacocks or haps, those have great color variety and just look so cool. Thank you for all the help everyone!
  2. I'm planning to create an African cichlid tank that will be either 125 or 150 for the living room. I was planning on only getting species that won't get any bigger than 9 inches. I know you can't mix new world and African cichlids but other than that I don't know the compatibility between the different species. I was thinking of only having one per species, that way I hopefully won't have to deal with aggression due to breeding. I really like the different types of peacocks and the electric blue/yellow. I just need some ideas for more and conformation that these fish work with each other
  3. According to the guide on aquarium co-op the 24 inch variant is medium/high light here's the link to that guide LED Aquarium Lighting - Aquarium Co-Op WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM One of our most asked questions is, which LED Aquarium Light should I get? In this quick guide I'll give my recommendations. Definitions: Low light = Undemanding plants, Anubias, Crypts, etc. Medium Light = Stem plants...
  4. The more feedings a day is better, you can get by with 1 or 2 but they will just grow slower. I had my swordtails finally start giving me fry like 3 months ago and the fry are finally the size you would buy them at the store. The five gallon tank should be fine, it all depends on the amount of fry you have in the tank, test the nitrates after a week and as long as they are below 50 ppm you are in the clear, if anything it would be more important to have an air stone in the tank and if there are a lot of fry then a small sponge filter as well. As long as there are no fish in you tank significantly bigger than the parents I would put the fry back in with the parents when they are about an inch in size. Male swordtails can get aggressive towards each other and this way if any of the fry are males then they will suppress their sexual maturity.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm Dave. I started keeping fish when I was in third grade but had to stop when I went away for school. I started back up about 18 months ago and I'm struggling to stop at five tanks. I mainly keep guppies but I also have some sword tails and serpae tetras along with a betta and an angel. I'm currently debating on getting a bunch of 5 gallon tanks for a betta barracks or making stand that will hold either 2 55 or 2 75 gallon tanks...I'm losing my fight to multiple tank syndrome 😅
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