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  1. I agree, but sadly these places are going away.
  2. Sorry to hear about your fish. Can you post a clearer photo so we can make a better assessment. Do you use aquarium salt? If your treating for parasitic diseases, I would also treat for fungal and bacterial infection. Here you go.
  3. Yes to all above. Test your tap water and add some bacteria. Seems odd to me that you would have 0 nitrates, but the higher PH and ammonia means that something changed. Maybe count your fish and make sure you didn't lose someone.
  4. Thank you! I designed and built the fishing cabin from hobby wood. It covers my ugly hang on back filter. There's better photos here:
  5. Love your color and location selection. Well balanced, with a nice focal point. Very well done. BTW, what is that red fern in the center that grew like crazy? I want one. LOL!
  6. Thank you! I received an overwhelming positive reaction when I posted this on FB. I don't know if the effort I put into building them would be worth the price I would need to charge to make it worthwhile. Plus, this is built specifically to fit my HOB. I would need to know the dimensions of someone's HOB for me to make someone else unless it is the exact model I have. I have thought about it though. My future plan is to build a wharf scene with a boat shop, and a fish and tackle store. Should turn out pretty cool. Until then here are a few more pics of the cabin.
  7. Free stuff is always coo! I don't get excited over snails anymore. As long as I keep algae under control, the population seems minimal. If I notice a bunch, I vacuum them up when I do water changes and release them into the yard or my other plants.
  8. Probably not necessary but, If you want some piece of mind so you can sleep better, you could get a piece of plywood cut to the exact size or a bit larger. Then paint it black to match. I'm basing my opinion on the overhang built into the top of the stand, the size of the plastic tank rim vs the size of the actual glass. Looks ok to me. The glass is 100% supported from what I can see. If you end up with 75 gallons of water on the floor, please let us know! LOL!
  9. Looks very nice. There is definitely a balance in every part of life. I think the smaller the specimen the more small changes effect the system. Especially in these small worlds we create. I gave up on my Monte Carlo. It was constantly up rooting and floating to the top.
  10. Excellent! Thank you for finding that and sharing. I'm glad others are doing this too and getting good results. That Bonsai looks awesome. That's a whole other hobby hole I've dug myself, and a topic for another forum! 😁
  11. I think the Legos are a great idea! endless adjustability, but I don't think you need to raise. I was thinking you could just move the pathos leaves a bit towards the front of the tank to let some of the light through. They really don't need to be that close and it will still get plenty of light indirectly.
  12. Made a quick little video of the HOB topper made from scratch. Hope you like it.
  13. I'm sort of chancing the same question. I have Pathos, Philodendron and Calathea growing out of the top of my tank. I notice my ferns are turning brown and leaves are dyeing off. I'm not certain I would blame the house plants though. I suspect a potassium deficiency. However I would suggest you move your light. The Pathos looks like it's depriving your aquatic plants of those beautiful rays!
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