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  1. So i got this "North Mountain Supply 5 Gallon Vented Plastic Hedpak/Carboy" from amazon and it has a chemical smell. I already had one I ordered before but it didnt have this smell, so my question is how would you go about handling the smell or would you just return it?
  2. i have noticed all my tanks are a bit slanted aswell but they are just 10g and 20g is it a big concern?
  3. I still know the 2 biggest ones are the other line so i still have a good idea maybe ill just let the 2 little ones wonder but the big ones cant and i know they are part of the other line so i guess we will wait and see. But I guess my main question is im a little unfamiliar with breeding as a whole when it comes to buying pairs from a spawn. Do people typically breed siblings? I am aware of line breeding etc but when you get the fish you want and you sell the offspring do people pair out the siblings? Or try to find the same type of fish from another seller and then breed those together?
  4. Ya they all seem healthy eating etc. I just upped my water changes as a way to combat it and lowered feeding to every other day to see if the haze would go away on its own before I over react. Thank you for your response I appreciate it.
  5. I do have 2 small peices of wood that have been in there for about 6 months so maybe they are still leaching tannins. The whole reason im worried about the haze in the water is because i have been dealing with hillstream loaches doing a flash every now and then. I was wondering if that could be a display thing aswell because i dont ever see them do it on their own they typically do it when each one has a rock and they are staring at eachother. They will start getting annoyed and jolting side to side on the rock to intimidate the other and every now and then one will do a swoop not all the time they rub against the rocks but sometimes they do. But as i said they never really do it in a corner by themselves. If you have any insight on that i would appreciate it. @Cory
  6. So I ordered 6 longfin super reds from a breeder and he gave me 2 lines. So I put a divider in the tank and had them on each side and i suppose you can assume what happened but there are 2 little ones that go back and forth lol. My thought process on it was to keep them apart till of age then choose a male/female from each side and breed healthier fish but what i noticed a lot of people order pairs of fish that are from the same spawn. With that being said do i just remove the divider and not worry about it or still try to keep them seperated. I am very new to all this so let me know if im completely wrong etc any advice would be fantastic.
  7. So in a white cup the water looked tinge of brown/yellow but in the sunlight was clear so im not sure exactly.
  8. I did change the settings and the haze is still there its not as blue without the blue and red lights on but still a hint. I have turned down the light since and its sorta better but not all gone but that can just be the light turned down. @NOLANANO I have 2 sponge filters and a power head with a intake on it. I want to replace the sponge filter at the end with a better one though maybe that would help. @Tanked
  9. So I have noticed for a while even when it was a 10g aquarium i had this blue tint of water. About 2 months ago i upgraded to a 20g and still have that blue tint. The 10g had crazy bad blue algae issues from what i could tell, the algae matted the substrate and other decor and covered all my hornwort. So i obvioiusly still have BGA since i used all the same filters etc into the 20g. So my question is could the blue tint be caused by that BGA or is it even a problem at all. About 2 weeks ago i had a really bad detritus worm boom and have been doing way more gravel vacs and water changes and i have gotten the population way way down and the water is much more clear but that tint still remains or could it just be looking into an aquarium long ways it will never be clear because when i look at it normally from the front there is no issue with a blue tint just from the sides. 200 tds 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 5 nitrates 4 kh 8 gh Stock. hillstream loaches and otto's.
  10. ya its unfortunate. That does make sense ill go ahead and run a course just incase.
  11. Sadly my update on the hillstream isnt good, before i even went to bed around 10 pm she was not alive anymore w.e it was took over 70% of her body. Went from the little portion of her tail to her whole body within 7 ish hours. @Colu
  12. will do thank you for the help.
  13. Thank you for your help i appreciate it, do you think i will need the new meds coming in? jungle fungle cure and kanaplex? @Colu
  14. maracyn oxy, maracyn, or maracyn 2? @Colu i couldnt find maracyn anywhere in my area so i got api erythromycin since the active ingredient is erythromycin in maracyn do you think that would be fine? @Colu
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