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  1. Yesterday we were looking into my QT setup for my last female endler and somehow, there were fry!!I found a total of 5 endler fry in her QT bin! Maybe my endler colony will resurrect... Growth after a month and a half from setup (this is right after a big trim). Not a fish related update, but my dragonscale alocasia flowered!!! Not
  2. Well its been a really long time since i've updated this. With school ending I was just way too busy. Anyway kinda a sad update, over the last month pretty much all my endlers have died. I managed to rescue 4, 1 female and 3 males which i've separated into 2 bins cuz the female looked questionable while the males looked fine. I then scrapped the tank they were in and cleaned it. I'm planning on using it as a hillstream loach breeding project once i find space for my remaining endlers to go. On top of that, my pleco seems to have camellanus worms, he's managed to survive with them for two weeks though without any further symptoms. Because I tore down my prior endler tank, i finally finished setting up my other 29gal as i needed a place to put all my plants from the previous endler tank
  3. @Mordecai13 When did you get the Ludwigia? If you just got it recently, it could be melting because of a shift in water parameters/lower Co2. I've had ludwigia under a pretty high flow HOB filter with minimal issues (except for it growing slightly curvy, but that might also been because of lighting). What i normally do if im trying to plant stems i use a plant weight tied to 5ish stems and let that sink to the bottom letting it grow its own roots into the substrate. When i burry the bases right away, the stem tends to rot. Unrelated to your topic, is that an anubias on the left of the first picture? If so, the rhizome will rot if planted like that, you can burry the roots, but not the rhizome part which the roots and leaves are attatched to. Hopefully this helps!
  4. AJR!! I just love their funky use of instruments and melancholy lyrics to really happy beats!
  5. @spoodles I mainly based it on this video: Shrimp and bettas arn't too active of creatures, so i don't see them uprooting the montecarlo/other plants a ton. (Hopefully😂)
  6. Ive got monte carlo growing like crazy in here, and it is definetely a really easy plant so far. This is a pretty low tech tank with an 8$ nicrew light and a diy yeast and sugar Co2 system. I must say planting monte carlo is an absolute nightmare and took me way to long cuz everything would just float up. After the initial planting i had no problems with the plant rooting in sand which is probably harder than aquasoil. im also not dosing much ferts either. What creatures are in this 3gal?
  7. This is a super good resource for which plants can grow emersed, and which ones are toxic or not: https://www.serpadesign.com/riparian-plants
  8. Definitely a philodendron of some sort. Looks like 2 different types though. The one with the white striping I'm guessing is a philodendron birkin, and the one with the redish stem in the round bumpy pot kinda looks like a philodendron red congo. I might be wrong though
  9. Whats the best way to disinfect things like water change hoses, old tanks, old plastic plants, and other tools used in and for aquariums to prevent cross contamination from diseased tanks to clean tanks?
  10. Ok i will try that! Thanks
  11. Im pretty sure they're cammalanus worms as they look like little red strings sort of wriggling in/out of the pleco's butt. Correct me if im wrong in assuming this though. Could snails and shrimp still be carriers? If i move all my fish in there to quarantine and treat them, would the main tank remain contaminated if not treated, or would it go away if there are no fish but only shrimp/snails?
  12. After further inspection of my pleco, it seems he has camallanus worms.... What should i do to treat him if these are camallanus worms?? I also have shrimp in here so I dont want to kill them with the treatment 0 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 ammonia 80 kh 7.2 ph 78 Fahrenheit
  13. Well Im probably just overly paronoid from prior fish issues, when i found him against the glass in a different location under different lighting he looks normal again. When i actually get a good picture of him with the redness i'll update this with a pic.
  14. I'll try to take some, but I got home pretty late so my lights are now off and he's skitish so its kinda hard to find him
  15. 0 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 ammonia 80 kh 7.2 ph 78 Fahrenheit
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