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About Me

I have loved fish and fish tanks all of my life.  I can sit for hours and watch aquariums and always learn something new.  Up to now my closest experience with home tanks is when I walked in a room and found that my brother's 60 gallon tank had cracked across the bottom.  Now in my much later life I have the time and interest to give it a go.  My husband was not the biggest fan fo the idea of a tank and he now spends at least a half hour a day just gazing.  

My sister has been doing planted tanks for years and I commented to her that she needed to build me one.  She amazed me on my birthday and actually built one for me.  Now I am actually learning about all the wonderful things that go into tank ownership and loving it.  

I look forward to getting to know everyone.  I may not be a Serious tank owner but I am serious about doing my tank well.

Little Guys

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