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  1. Following this discussion. What is an acceptable thickness for tank glass?
  2. Thank you everyone. Everything appears to be alright today. The tank has cleared up nicely and no one appears to have died in the efforts. I now have a on the back filter and a sponge filter. I will let those run for a few days and then test the water again. I am thinking perhaps I have too much hardscape in my tank (7 gal) and the water agitation isn't able to get through the center of the tank. Is that possible? I am thinking of getting a 10 gal tank and moving to that tank. I can use my 7 gal tank for just shrimp, love the blue ones. In regard to testing the oxygen, you just get an O2 kit and follow the directions.
  3. I am really coming here for some reasurance. Today I noticed that some of my shrimp were swimming irradically and toward the top of the tank. Everything else seemed okay but I watched for a while and finally decided to test the oxygen level. It was below 8. I have a back of the tank filer with two chambers. I have a sponge in one chamber and bioballs in the other chamber. Even on high it was not agitating the water enough. I added a sponge filter. In order to add the filter I had to move all the hardscape in my tank. It stirred up a ton of muck, I could not see the back of the tank at one point. I have Ramshorn snails, shrimp (Babies and adults) and Tetras plus Oto. The fish are hiding, the snails are all congregated around food and the shrimp are mostly congrigated around food. I left both filters in to clear out the water and will have to clean the back filter tomorrow as I can see the water is starting to run brownish. All of my parameters are solid so once the water clears and things settle down it should be okay. Please tell me this will be okay.
  4. Thank you Tanked. My whatever it was seems to have gone away. I will do some research and keep an eye on things.
  5. Well I have to figure out what is right for me, and I need some help doing so. In the last month I have lost 2 shrimp. Could have been natural but I am not sure. One of them turned completely black and that is how I found it on the bottom of my tank (I have red cherry shrimp). Everyone seems to be eatin well. I feed twice a week with Shrimpee, nano balls and fish flake ground to powder. I give a good feed on Wednesday and a smaller feed on Sat or Sun. Today when I fed the powder it fell slowly and looked like it was suspended. As I looked around it I could see whispy cloudy forms, they are not big so I think this has just begun. It is not distinct enough to take a picture. What I am really getting at is that after months and months of no issues the environment seems to be changing. I want to figure this out and get ahead of it if this is not a good change. If it is not a harmful change, I want to understand it. I have learned a ton in the last 9 months however I am still only 8 months a newbie.
  6. I have a wonderful 7 gallon planted tank with tetras, Ramshorn snails, cherry shrimp, Corys and Oto. I have had big time snail outbreaks and algea on my plants. I have been told that at one time I over fed leading to the snail bloom. I was also told to vaccum the substrate. I now have Green Spot Algea and have lowered the light and fertilized the plants. Along the way of discussions re: the algea I have received conflicting advice regarding the cleanliness of the substrate and schedule of cleaning the tank. My prior cleaning schedule was only when the filter (back tank filter with bio balls and a sponge) needed to be cleaned (brown water cycling through it). Thoughts?
  7. That is not logical, nothing is goiing to eat the weight and items don't just disappear. I would assume that it got caught on something and pulled out without you noticing.
  8. I have decreased the light although it was 50% for 5 hours. What is PO4?
  9. Any thoughts about this type of algea? Apparently I have it. From what I understand it is either a light problem or a nutrient problem. I have my light on 50% for 5 hours from 4:00 PM to 9:00PM. It has been that way for almost a year, although this is the first Spring I have had my tank and the light has changed I am sure. There was also a suggestion to treat it with Liquid Carbon to clean the plants. I recently lost a couple of shrimp, could this be the reason?
  10. Did you locate the weight? If so was the plant chewed down?
  11. Thank you all for your reponses. I am less than a year into being a keeper. My parameters are rock steady and good. When I look at the edges of the substrate against the glass it is definately brown. If I put a new plant in or rocks get kicked up that kicks up a lot of detritus. Are you saying this is okay? I guess that makes sense because a stream would have the same stuff in it although a stream has moving water.
  12. I have the same with Ramshorn snails. Someone suggested crush the little ones and it is free food. Hmmmmm.
  13. That is what I thought about an Octo as he was face down and did not move when I poked his tail. Turns out a pebble had fallen and he was stuck. He's Free!
  14. This is my tank. The plants are attached to two pieces of wood. I have been "vacuuming" around the wood however I am noticing the substrate needs are really good cleaning. I have Tetras, shrimp + a bunch of babies and a few corys in the tank. It would be a big disruption however I am thinking I need to remove the wood and do a really good vacuum. Do you think this is too distruptive to the inhabitants?
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