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  1. Yah I was surprised too. My local petco actually has a very good selection of random odd ball and rarer fish. They will order pretty much whatever I want. They put it on a list and grab it as soon as it's available.
  2. @Bigdog99 I actually only have one because I didn't know much about them. So wasn't sure how they would do together or how fast they would grow. Looking back now I wish I got a couple because they actually grow really slow and seem to do very well in a community tank. But again I only got one so not sure if I just got luck with a peaceful one 😅. I actually found this one at Petco and he had fin rot when I got him so immediately started converting him to brackish water and it cleared right. He's got so much personality. Was the size of a pea puffer when I got him
  3. This is by far my favorite fish. Very slow growing. I would love to hear any knowledge or info anyone has on these amazing puffers
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