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  1. Update time! Second batch of BN have hatched. I was able to set up 2 x 30l tubs to separate the fry from the community and grow in piece. All but one of the platy fry got eaten before I have the fry tubs set up. The 90l will eventually be set up in the new house, but there is a lot of stuff that needs to be moved to make space. First batch are measuring 2-3cm (approx 1inch) at 6 weeks, almost ready to start moving on.
  2. I appreciate the straight forward response! That's why I asked, the last thing I would want to do is do the wrong thing for the fish. I'm currently working with an idea with putting some smaller storage tubs on the bottom of the stand that holds my tank currently. ( Otherwise it will just be survival of the fittest) If my measurements are correct I can fit 2 x 30l tubs on the shelf under my tank and run them on sponge filters from an air pump I have already.
  3. Hi all, Firstly sorry if this has been asked before. I have recently had to move back to my parents house (massive rent increase) and as such I had to consolidate my tanks into one. I'm very lucky that my platies and bristlenoses are happy and are breeding like crazy and I'd love to be able to separate out the babies into grow outs but we are limited to indoor space and don't really have room for more than the one tank. Just curious about what extra provisions need to be taken into consideration if I wanted to set up a grow out tank outside. It would be under cover away from sunlight. Where I live gets a pretty big temperature range 0-40 Celsius or 32-104 fahrenheit between summer to winter. Any advice/tips/cautions would be greatly appreciated. Inserting proud daddy for attention
  4. Here we go! Round 2! Recently moved and had to turn my large tank which was my breeder into my community tank as we don't have the room for 2 tanks. Woke up this morning to this Red boy sitting on eggs and platy fry everywhere. The first batch is growing well in the 90l while we finish cleaning up that house. They will be rehomed soon.
  5. Had to break the tanks down as we had to move over the weekend. The babies are currently sitting my 90l fattening up a bit, but when I cleaned out the big tank for the move there was one lonely little itty bitty plecos hiding away so he is now chilling with the big boys. Will need to get an updated photo! No deaths as of yet, and they are looking happy and healthy munching away on zucchini, green beans and algae wafers.
  6. I had a bit of trouble getting a 40g set up as a breeder for my bristlenose. I finally got it cycled and dropped my bn in went about my business. I was doing my weekly water change/maintenance and noticed a large amount of gravel in one of my caves. Then I saw a clutch of eggs. The male wasn't sitting on them, so I placed them in a breeder box. I lost a couple of mould, but managed to keep majority. 2 failed to hatch properly, one sadly didn't make it much longer after hatching and one had a deformity where it was swimming in spirals. Out of all it I have counted about 50 fry. Waiting for full color to come through, but guessing they will be common with super red het gene as the male is super red.
  7. There is quite a bit of plants in it, just the cloudiness hides a lot..theres 2 small anubias, 5-6 java ferns, some thin valisnera runners that are growing out, a bunch of hygro polyspirma, a bunch of blue stricta and some water sprite. My other tank runs similar levels of plants and is heavily stocked (90l with 8 adult platies, 3 black phantom tetras, 3 juvi yoyo loaches and 2 x 6 inch female bristlenoses and 1 x 3 inch male bristlenose) and that almost never shows a nitrate level. I also heavily seeded the filter in the new tank with sponges and gravel from my established tank I only have the API test kit, and I know that nitrites will show on the nitrate test so my guess is that was also part of the reading. Have just dosed the tank with some food (hard to find straight ammonia here where I am, would need to buy Dr Tim's or frit fishless fuel from Amazon and the shipping is more than they are worth), will watch it over the next 48 hours.
  8. Hi team, Have been fishless cycling a tank for a couple of weeks, and kick started this by stealing established sponges from my other tank, dirty gravel, plants etc. Was cycling well until pH crashed out, so bought it back up along with some buffer. I tested the tank yesterday and got 7.6 pH 2ppm ammonia 5+nitrite and 30ppm nitrates This was after a small water change to drop the pH slightly as it was sitting at 8.0 I came home from work today (24 hours later) and tested water again and got 7.6ph 0amm 0nitrite and 0nitrate (triple tested using API master kit) Guessing the cloudiness is bacterial bloom and there's a large amount of biofilm. Given the parameters, would it be safe to slowly start adding fish from my other tank (wanting to move my bnp across as this will be there new home). I have 3 bnp, but will move them over 1 or 2 at a time to acclimate the tank to bioload. See picture for current appearance
  9. Photos of the tanks I'm running. One with the driftwood is the 40g and the other is the 27g. Very much waiting for it to be cycled.
  10. Thanks for the replies all. Definitely giving the new tank plenty of time to cycle. Have taken media and small amounts of substrate from my current setup to build up the BB. Testing every day and currently measuring 1.5ppm ammonia and .5ppm.nitrite, so not ready for fishies yet. Will definitely put photos up once I move them across.
  11. I'm currently cycling a 145l (40 gallon) that is going to act as a breeder for my bristlenose. Currently my bnp are hanging in my 90l (27 gallon) community tank and I want to get everything right before moving them across. Both tanks are at the same temperature 26 C(78.8f) and are planted but my small tank is sitting at 7.2-7.4 pH while the big tank is sitting more so 6.8-7.0. I'm hoping I'm not being paranoid, but this pH swing won't be enough to cause damage to them, or should I be more worried about matching up the kh and gh between the tanks?
  12. Yeah water was softer than that when the tank was set up (our tap water is neutral but very soft) After water changes gh used to sit around the 60ppm mark, but since have bit adding 1 tsp per 10litres of rock salt at water changes. The tank also had a 7 day course of pimafix and melafix as we had some new additions a couple of weeks ago as a preventative, unfortunately I don't have a quarantine tank available.
  13. Future, here's a video that shows her behaviour vs the rest of the tank.
  14. Thanks for the reply, no insults taken sometimes people over look stuff! Im using API test kit for this and have seen nitrates in the water at various times usually when I'm overfeeding (tank is relatively heavily stocked so I'm regular with maintenance) Stock numbers are 6 platies, 3 yoyos, 3 phantom tetras, 2 bristlenoses. Haven't tested the water for chlorine but I do dose with prime and stability after every change. Also forgot in intial post gh is at 150ppm and kh is at 80ppm. None of the fish show obvious signs of hiding (bn and yoyos do just like to rest under plants in caves), but other platies and the yoyos are very active and responsive if near the tank (platies will follow my fingers) I have very little gsa or algae in general so I don't remove hardscape for cleaning and I have separate cloths/fish cleaning stuff that doesn't get soap/chemicals.
  15. Hi all, Currently running a 29g with some platies, yoyos, bristlenoses and black phantoms. Everyone is looking good apart from one of the platies who is spending a lot of time towards the bottom of the tank shimmying in one spot and looks like she is getting skinnier. Water params: Temp: 26c (78f) pH: 7.4 Amm: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm Weekly 25-30% water changes to keep the substrate clean, but if I forgot a week the nitrates don't climb due to the plants. The fish in question is offspring from another of our platies. She is the only one exhibiting the behaviour. There hasn't been any other diseases in the tank, and am a little unsure what it might be and how to treat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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