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  1. I was using the coops multitest strip and ammonia strip and also the tetra 5 in 1 strips. Then occasionally doing the fluval tests (pH, nitrates, nitrite, ammonia in test tubes). I was getting all different readings. Have switched to using only the tetra 6 in 1 and ammonia strips until I get the API master test kit.
  2. Yes, I think I'm going to do small amounts every other AM for the time being. I hadn't planned on doing any plants to begin with (although a planted Betta tank is my next project). I only have gravel as my substrate so what would be the best drop and go plant that would be low maintenance and low tech? I was actually thinking of adding some moss balls if that would help with anything.
  3. I've heard alot about prime and stability and have recently realized that I need to add that to my supplies. So just to make sure I understand - if ammonia or nitrites are .5 ppm or above do 50% water change, add in prime when adding water back in. Test next day and repeat of needed. Correct? Thank you for your response! I have like 3 different brands of beneficial bacteria that I've started rotating because I didn't know if one was better than the other. Definitely going to get my hands on the fritzzyme7! Thank you for your response!
  4. Apparently my tank wasn't nearly as cycled as I had originally thought before adding the fish (I know newbie mistake). I have 6 glofish danios in a 20L (its me again) that seem to be happy and active. I do get ammonia and nitrite readings everyday, although I didn't have any ammonia for a while. I probably was over testing, as I was using a couple different brands of strips at once, with slightly different results each time. I have now decided to stick with one brand and am doing daily water changes with any reading of ammonia and nitrite. I know I was over feeding (another newbie mistake) and started with flake food but switched to micro pellets. I will take any and all advise you have for me. I'm thinking to back down to every other day feeding. How much of a water change should I do? I've done any where from 10-40% in the last 3 days. Since I haven't been consistent with the types of tests, I'm not positive of any progress I've made thus far, but hope to in the next several days. So thankful for all the previous advice I have gotten from this wonderful community!
  5. That's exactly how I feel about them too. Yes, we are planning on getting 6 of them. Which do you think would be better for them, getting 3, then waiting a couple weeks then getting the other 3 (which is what we did with the danios) or just go ahead and get all 6? I just was thinking of not overwhelming the tank, but also don't want to upset the fish. Thank you for your reply!
  6. I thought it might but the lady at the pet store said they've Ike it a bit cooler, so I thought I may drop it just a little. Thank you for your response!
  7. I've finally started adding fish to my 20 long tank. We have added 3 of the Glofish Danios (I know there are lots of opinions on them, but my daughter picked them out and she loves the bright colors and she's 6) last week. I have kept an eye on the water parameters. I have not had any ammonia spikes, but did have a slight reading of nitrites, so did a partial water yesterday. We are going to go ahead and add 3 more danios to round out their school. Eventually we are going to add a bottom feeder, which was going to be the Glofish cory, but after seeing them in the pet store today, they are a bit bigger than I was thinking. I love the panda cory (so cute)! My temp is right around 77 now, could I slowly drop it over a period of time without harming the danios to have it at a temp that will better suit the panda corys?
  8. They actually didn't have the Pygmy ones, just aeneus and paleatus. I did find another fish store a bit farther away that I may venture to at some point to see what they have. Thank you for your information and helping to lead me in the right direction!
  9. What is it about the dwarf/pygmy ones are less beginner friendly? I was thinking it may be harder feeding wise or that they just aren't as hardy since they are smaller? I was thinking of tank space, but the more I think of it the more I do lean more towards the ones I saw at PetSmart.
  10. Thank you! I am now really looking into a honey gourami, cherry barbs, and Pygmy corydoras. I have found another place that sells fish a little farther away and plan to call to see if they carry those. Thank you again for your suggestions!
  11. I know someone just asked about setting up a 20 g tank but theirs was about fish so I figured I would start another thread. And you all may get tired of all my questions! I'm adding a picture of what I have set up so far and am aware I will probably need to redo it once I get about half the water in there. This is not the final spot for the tank, just the lay over until the stand is completed. I know a lot of people suggest a planted aquarium, but we just really didn't want to go in that direction. My question is, is there anything that I need to add/remove from the set up? I just want to be sure we have happy healthy fish!
  12. Well, never mind on the rainbow fish as the show piece. I don't know if I got misinformation or just misread but I don't think they are what I was looking for. Anyone have suggestions? I think we definitely want cories, and either danios or tetras, depending on what level the show piece swims at. You all are amazing!
  13. Thank you! So start with about 3 danios, or whatever we end finally going with, wait a bit then add a few more danios, wait a bit then start introducing another species? Does that sound about right?
  14. Yes I have been doing a lot of reading on the nitrogen cycle and cycling the aquarium. We are almost ready to set it up and start that process, just waiting on my husband to finish making the stand. We will go get the first fish once everything is at the appropriate levels. Thank you!
  15. I'm in a small town and only have a PetSmart around me and was going by what they have. Although I will try and do more research to see if I may have missed other stores as I rather not buy online. I thought about a betta as well. If we do go that route, would doing tetras instead of danios be better? I was thinking of bottom, middle, and top swimmers. Thank you for the suggestions and I'll definitely keep an eye out for those! PetSmart only had 2 kinds of rainbow. Not sure if either of them were dwarf, but I know they didn't say dwarf. Thank you! I was going by what PetSmart had in stock, as that's really the only thing that is close by. Although I will do more research and see if there may be another type of store around. I'll keep an eye out for your suggestions. Thank you so much!
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