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  1. Update: The black guppy did not make it but the white one is doing 10 times better. Thank you everyone
  2. Will do thank you I am not sure but I've only have had these 2 guppies since Friday my other 2 guppies are good.
  3. Thank you that's what I thought as well
  4. Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 20ppm As of right now
  5. Hmm okay maybe I will try this but for now I will see how these meds work I think.
  6. I do have aquarium salt but I have corydoras I hear they can't tolerate salt
  7. Thank you for your help I will be home at around 8pm after work I plan on testing my water to make sure. I will also add an extra airstone and take pics of the fish and let you know what my parameters are.
  8. I will try and post a picture of her when I get home tonight.
  9. I recently purchased 2 guppies from my lfs. I noticed one had torn fin was looking skinny and his gills are red the other has clamped fins and red gills I dosed my whole tank with maracyn and paracleanse today. The tank has been established since July. My question is should I expect these medications to completely crash my cycle. I do not have a quarantine tank or I would have used it I know I should have one but don't have room for one I learned my lesson on buying fish without doing a proper inspection of them before hand. Also if my cycle does crash I would need to perform water changes or can I add prime in not feeding during this time to prevent a spike in nitrite or ammonia.
  10. Is the Tidal 35s flow too powerful for a 10gallon or is it reasonable 🤔
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