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  1. I noticed this little creature during my water change. Any idea what it could be?
  2. Hi All, I have recently seen this pink bloom show up in my tank on the driftwood & pre-filter to my HoB filter. It's a Freshwater 29gal tank, approx 1-year-old with 22 fish(Dwarf Gourami(3), Cardinals(7), Harlequins(6), Borneo Loach(3) & Otto’s(3) and 3 Assasin snails to (try to) control the growing trumpet snail population(I have reduced fish feedings in an attempt to reduce food for snails to feast). I also have a growing Cherry Shrimp population...a VERY healthy environment with live plants! (Amazon swords, Dwarf Hygro, Staurogene Repens & Java Fern) Nitrate=0, Nitrite=0, Chlorine=0, Hardness~100, Carbonate=80, Ph=7.0 - all numbers are good. The Gourami seem to pick at it, but not eat it to the point of control. Any thoughts on what it is, how to and whether to control it or if is a welcome or nuisance addition to my tank. Thanks!
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