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  1. Hi @nabokovfan87 Thanks for sharing your insight on various aspects of the tank. 1) I have already copied your light intensity and scheduled it for 5 hours to start with 2) Filter alignment - I am not sure if i can re position the filter now . if that is not possible i will try adding a wave maker to the other side of the tank and remove the pre filter in the Tidal 3) Fluorite Black is the substrate Flourish Excel daily before light Flourish Weekly twice Seachem iron Seed by aquavirto - for live bacteria seachem prime during water changes
  2. This is today's reading from fish tank water. (Low PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate) Then i also tested the Tap water, surprising results. ( Low PH, High PH, Ammonia) Should i use the Neutral PH during the water changes ?
  3. Hello @JoeQ - Thanks for the finding. I have ordered some more plants. while planting them i will add some more substrate and increase the height of the bed. I understand your point things won't happen overnight. Just that i wanted to make sure that i am taking the appropriate steps in archiving the goals. I will add some floating plants and some house keepers to maintain the tank. May be a Dum question? should i increase the fish load as well?
  4. Hello All, This is the first time with planted tank. The tank is under cycle for 4weeks. I have 2 white skirt , 2 black skirt and couple neons. My tank has some algae issue. And most of the plants in the fore ground melted. Currently all my ferts are from seachem like ( flourish, flourish excel, iron ). Initial setup which had some glossostigma and some dwarf hair grass almost all of them melted. week 1 After a week of cycling I did a water test and found out I have hight ph of 7.6 and ammonia. Unfortunately I had to go on a trip for three weeks. So no water changes and ferts for three weeks. I have put the light fluval 3.0 in 7 hours schedule and auto feeder for one a day. week 4 After the trip, below is the status of the tank. Kindly ignore the ph test I messed up. On Thursday October 26 I did 50% water change and the following Sunday i did the test again for ph and ammonia. Also attached is the light intensity and during I am running. Below are some of my assumptions and questions where I think I am not doing it correct or missing the steps 1) not planted the tank fully ( I have ordered some plants ) 2) may be the ferts I am using, is not feeding the plants I choose. Do I need a root tab ? 3) should I reduce the light intensity? 4) should I add more fish ? I want to understand what are mistakes I did and how can I correct them to make this planted tank working. Appreciate your help in advance !!!
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