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  1. I listen to mostly video game soundtracks for work; makes it easy to remain productive. An up-and-coming composer is Borislav Slavov who composed Divinity 2 and now Baldur's Gate. The song quirky bones is especially fitting for watching the corydora's go around the tank (Though even death metal will work with their movements). Also a shout out to Jeremy Soule. The Elder Scroll series would not be the same without his musical additions.
  2. In addition, I had this happen last year when my local water supplier upped the amount of chlorine without consumer notice. I didn't dose enough dechlorinator and lost some beautiful cichlids. After the fact they informed me they raise the agent 3 to 4 times a year due to problems with the source water. Nowadays I assume its always high and use more conditioner and watch carefully for the first 24h after a water change.
  3. Welcome fellow Minnesotan! If you haven't already checked out the Minnesota Aquarium Society, I highly recommend you do so. There are currently monthly auctions, meetings, running Breeder and Horticulture award programs, and more.
  4. How has this setup been working for you after a couple of months? My box filters are coming up for maintenance soon and thinking about giving this a shot versus using just filter floss.
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