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  1. Morning all. I’ve recently acquired a few ramshorn snails for my 25 litre tank that also has some shrimp, danio, mystery snail and nerite snails. However I’ve gone from 2 to 32 (very small at the minute). I just want to check if it will be a major problem and if I can slow down the population by feeding less. I’m not so keen on killing any if possible
  2. Hey all, it looks like one or more of my Danio’s are flicking and rubbing against gravel. So im assuming parasites, however ive got shrimp and snails in the tank so i was wondering if anyone knows of any treatment thats shrimp and snail safe?
  3. Ive corrected the nerite shell positions. Also they dont seem to smell bad, ive taken a photo of one to show the trap door as im not sure what im looking at
  4. I assume if theyre dead they will smell very bad??
  5. Afternoon all, I recently went away for the weekend and I dont leave my heating on, nor do I have a heated tank, however when I returned some of my nerite snails have appeared to die. Just wondering if low temps can do this? Or maybe theyre just hibernating?? apologies about the state of my tank glass
  6. Does anyone have any recipes for homemade shrimp food that snails would also eat?
  7. That’s a very cool looking tank
  8. @nabokovfan87 just wanted to mention I took your advice by adding a second filter
  9. thanks, it’s difficult isn’t it. My tap water is the same as the tank with the exception of chlorine, which is a lot higher. im hoping the berried shrimp actually have the babies, then it may get a little better
  10. I’ve just found that total hardness and total carbonate is GH and KH. They’re very high so does this matter
  11. Ok, first I’ll order a GH/KH kit. Although my current test strips don’t show GH and KH there are other things like hardness and ph so I’ve took a photo that may help with regards to food, (keeping in mind I have danios in the tank), I use bug bites, tetra crisps, flaked tetra goldfish food, sinking shrimp pellets, frozen bloodworm, snowflake and finally the food I’ve made. I have a feeding dish but I rarely see the shrimp in it. Maybe I need to drop the food near the back where the Java fern/bog wood is as they like to hide in and under that. I use test strips weekly to measure nitrates/nitrites and they tend to be close to zero. I tend to do water change every 2 weeks but I agree that 10% doesn’t feel enough. Also worth noting that in the last water change I forgot to clean the sponge filter. I’ve got a sponge filter, not big but apparently (according to Amazon it’s for 20 to 75 l) https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B09Q2TZCS2?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title I have been thinking of getting something so that I can run another sponge filter or sit stone from the same pump though
  12. You never feel like you know what’s going on, or what to do for the best. It feels like this may be my last attempt
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