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  1. Of course, that makes sense, thank you @AllFishNoBrakes
  2. Hi all, I have a 182 litre community tank. Current substrate is fine gravel topped with sand for my Cories. Silly question- would it be possible to add aqua soil on top of the sand or will it go everywhere? I would love to add some carpeting plants. Regards, Maree
  3. @PineSong where do you find the vintage castles? Is there a specific website etc?
  4. Thank you so much @nabokovfan87…that’s fantastic information. I watched the video from Irene that was linked above…very useful and I will watch it again to wrap my head around her advice. My tank is a 47 gal planted with anubia, sword crypt and wisteria, all of which are actually growing well. No C02 - other plants such as Val and grasses did not grow (assuming due to no C02). I am adding ferts but on an ad-hoc basis - I will do this regularly moving forward. Thank you for your light settings - extremely helpful, as well as the link to the fluval thread. I love that this hobby keeps on giving - it is extremely satisfying creating an ecosystem and keeping fish happy and healthy. Kind regards from sunny Melbourne!
  5. Hi all, Hope you are having a great weekend! I have a 4ft community tank. Natural lighting in the room is pretty much non-existent as it is in our basement. The tank is planted and doing really well (albeit with some algae) that is not bothersome. I set up a light with timing settings a few months ago, but have just guessed the settings (per photo below). I am open to suggestions on tweaking the settings but am struggling and would appreciate some insight. I am nervous to have them in total darkness as I don’t my fishies to be scared in the dark (hope that doesn’t sound crazy!) Kind regards, Maree
  6. Thank you also @AllFishNoBrakes so glad they are not sick.
  7. Hi all! We have a school of 5 glolights - two of them are a little on the big side. Do you think they are bloated/sick/have eggs? I would like to assist them if they are ill. They are swimming and eating well, and otherwise quite happy. Regards from down under, Maree
  8. Thank you- I will try and net them out ( I assume there are more than one 🥲) I definitely don’t want to kill any of my fish so will not use the No Planaria. Thank you for your assistance
  9. Oh wow! How do you get rid of them? Google tells me to use No Planaria. Was hoping my yo-yos would eat it!
  10. Thank you Lennie for your link. Interesting and I will try not to panic!!
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