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  1. Background; I had some juvenile discus in a 40b tank that started to leak from the floor sagging in one spot over a few weeks. I drained the tank and returned it, but the big box store didn’t have another 40b to exchange. They are now in a backup 29 I had, but it’s not ideal for space/parameters. Problem; I was planning on moving them to an empty glass/plastic rimmed 55, the largest of my backups, but I discovered the metal stand I had for it had become warped and is now unusable. I also checked the tank itself, and low and behold one of the corners is not coplanar with the other 3. When on a perfectly flat surface, one corner is about 1mm raised. I filled the tank briefly to see if the weight of the water would force it to contact the flat surface, but it does not. I have been scouring forum posts going back over 10 years and can’t seem to find a consensus on how to address the issue. Some suggest foam, others swear that will make the problem worse. Some say shim the tank, others say absolutely do not shim the tank. Does anyone have experience with this that may be able to weigh in? This is my last ditch effort before I go resort to spending too much money on a new tank/stand combo from a big box store.
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