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  1. Interesting, I haven’t actually thought of that. I have not taken an ammonia reading. I should get a test kit within the next day. I’ll check that out as well
  2. If you look at the peduncle, the stem or pinch point of the tail, you can see a black mass. That’s the tumor I was mentioning. I figured the black patches along the body were part of some infection. I really appreciate everyone’s insight. @Colu
  3. Sounds great, I will start those suggested treatments and provide an update. Thank you!
  4. Hello all, I have 7 black tetras and I have been battling a disease for a while. I had a fish for about a month ago from this disease and I thought it was no longer in the tank however it has come back. Discolored splotches form on the fish and the fish will begin to bloat and become weaker at swimming. Some weird black tumors also form at the rear of the fish, I am unsure if this is related. This disease does appear to have affected multiple fish. I am hoping someone has encountered this before or has some insight. pH 6-6.5 Nitrite 0ppm nitrate 20-30ppm phosphate 1.5ppm kH 0 GH 30 temp 83 degrees F
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