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  1. Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce my minnows are back in their tank! They are all very happy to be back home. They are finding their favorite plants and playing in the flow. I think the shrimp are annoyed they’re back. XD Ever since I moved them into the hospital tank all weird swimming and behavior stopped. Still, I followed the treatments and did all those water changes my goodness. I cleaned the main tank’s wood and got the whole tank the cleanest it’s been in a long time. I hope all will be well and I will not need my hospital tank for a LONG time haha Thank you all for your assistance!! I am very grateful ❤️ ChillFish
  2. Todays update: All fish acting well this morning, moved them all into the new hospital tank(HT). Tried to get HT water parameters close as possible to main tank’s. Fed and gave next dose of paracleanse. here is what I’ve scheduled/done: week 1: Paracleanse Notes: FishA’s corner behavior stopped. Later half of week, FishB began “glitching” week 2: Paracleanse (in middle of) Notes: FishB found dead, FishC “glitching” first stages (not eating and every now and then “glitching”) mid wk: moved fish into bare bottom tank week3: Expel-P (on its way) Week 4: Expel-p and Paracleanse Week 5: Expel-p Week 6: Week 7: move fish back into main tank? —Main tank cleaning schedule— mid Week 2: 25% water change beginning Week 3: deep clean tank- take care of wood clean & reboil, siphon all substrate, clean filter Week 4: clean filter* vac substrate Week 5:* feed shrimp? Week 6:* Week 7: back to normal?
  3. UPDATE: "glitching" fish found dead at bottom of tank curled up, belly up 😞 she would not eat and looked a bit swollen, her tail would float upwards when she was hovering in one place a second fish is doing the same "glitching" and not eating, getting a hospital tank today, will take 25% of main tank water to help speed cycle and continue the Paracleanse schedule in the hospital tank with all of the fish all other fish are still eating and swimming as normal...
  4. Okay, understood, I will try my best. Thank you!!
  5. Okay… so I was going to just start over the treatment with @Odd Duck’s advice in a hospital tank… but should i take in account that I’ve already done paracleanse and skip that part? Or just start from scratch?
  6. Thank you for the advice! Its all a little overwhelming. I’m going to order the medication. I’m also going to get a hospital tank. (I don’t have one) when I get the procedure going, I’ll try my best to clean the main tank as best as I can. Do you recommend keeping the snails and shrimp in the main tank to help with the clean up or remove them into a 3rd tank?
  7. Okay! I don’t have the expel-p… I do know I haven’t been on top of the sun hitting the tank. So I’ll try to limit that more so. I’ll get the second round of paracleanse going cause that’s all I have… and I keep their regular food schedule. I haven’t stopped feeding them, all of them have been eating… except recently the “glitching” fish. I’ll try though to get her to eat. Thx!
  8. Hello! The minnow has improved! As for the orange stuff… I got the wood from my old coworker, she’s the one who got me into the hobby. She said she had already boiled it and that it was ready to go. I have had several stages of the wood breaking down already and I am assuming that this is another stage but I can’t find anything on it. I can’t remove it without disturbing the tank, but I’m willing if it proves to be a hazard. The spots are bright orange and hard in texture. The fall off with some pressure. I haven’t tried removed it off the wood cause I’m worried it will spread onto other places. Not to mention I would again have to take out the wood to get it all off. I’m not sure if it is bothering anything or just a part of the ecosystem… but really I don’t know what it is.
  9. Update! Just completed the first round of papacleanse. The fish almost immediately stopped the previous behavior. (Yea!) I didn’t see any white poop though. I’m wondering if I should do the second phase? I do know that… One or two of the minnows will every now and then stay in one spot like they’re sleeping. But I know they aren’t? It’s like they are “glitching”. Just kinda moving when necessary to stay in one spot. Once I saw them breathing heavily but never again. No signs of outside stress, cut fins, bullying. No interest in food. Should I do the second phase or is this not a parasite issue? @Colu
  10. Okay, I will look into it. Thank you for the advice!!
  11. Don’t have that salt, just put air stone in no rapid breathing, surface hang, flashing, or gasping… he is rarely moving his mouth he did spit out this morning’s food, he only tried eating one piece. maybe a little skinny? Color is dull could he be bored of the food? food: easy fry food from aquarium co-op
  12. Update: swimming slow, not wanting food, hanging back from the other fish (no sign of bullying) stops and “rests” in his corner or on the spider wood. Not moving fins, still
  13. My duckweed gets eaten back all the time so I’ve never had a problem of any sort, lol Whatever you decide I would still get floating plants, they add such a cool affect to your tank!
  14. Hey, I have long fin white cloud minnows. Last afternoon one didn’t want to eat but stayed in a corner. I panicked, it was in the same spot my hill stream loach choose as he died. (Water got warmer suddenly, I have a room temp tank) I didn’t know what was wrong but I ran out of the room to get something and when I got back a moment later he was swimming along like nothing had happened. Last night I found him there again. Not moving, “resting” upright on the substrate in the corner of tank underneath my filter. After googling I did a 50% water change and soon after that he started swimming with the rest of his minnows. This morning he has gone back to the corner. However I just caught him swimming around again?? I am so confused and not sure why he is acting this way. He is swimming a little slow and disinterested… his fins are droopy, like he’s tired. Tank Info: started in Dec, 16 Gal, room temp, scheduled light, planted, shrimp, snails, minnows Water: temp 64-68, PH always steady but low ~6.5, KH ~40, nitrate and nitrite at 0. No ammonia. Recent change: hill-stream loach died due to sudden warmer water, air stone-like attachment added- attempt to save loach (I took off this morning maybe affecting minnows negatively?) Possible problem?: 5 1/2 month submerged spider wood has orange spots slowly covering the wood, mostly on topside of wood (none growing underneath), wood breaking down? This has been going on for a couple weeks now. (See pic) That’s all I have, if anyone knows what’s going on please let me know! ChillFish pic from yesterday AMtest from this AM Orange spots sorry this last one is upside down - back side view of spider wood
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