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  1. This is going to be great to follow. Please post often!
  2. zebra danios are so active that they'd prefer the biggest tank possible add more so there's at least 6 but preferably more guppies will likely get fin nipped by the zebra danios zebra danios will likely eat most/all of the guppy fry zebra danios will likely outcompete the guppies for food I've kept the same group of zebra danios since 2018 and they're really an active group of little monsters. These two types of fish really aren't a great mix together in a small tank. It could be done but imho, it won't make either group of fish happy.
  3. Thanks for the welcome and the response. The slate sounds like a great idea and I hadn't considered that before.
  4. I know that's an older thread but good grief, those are some beautiful guppies. Is there an update to be shared?
  5. Hi all, I have a glorious set of 4 loaches - possibly angelicus, but they were sold as yo yo loaches - and I want to make their tank beautiful and give them good places to hide. I have large pieces of mopani wood but there are lots of little crevices and holes. I'm afraid when I stack the different pieces together, it might be too small for the stripey chonkers and they'd get stuck and die. Am I overthinking or what can I do to take precautions? (I currently have mopani/driftwood in the tank along with seiryu stone but they're all relatively flat surfaces.) The new pieces are more like tree roots. Thanks in advance.
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