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  1. I second this. Chili rasboras are always beautiful in a species tank.
  2. Yeah, olive wood should be fine, but as said above, it will take a looong time to fill with water. Also, remember to boil any wood before putting it into your tank, unless you want to deal with that mess (but hey, to each their own).
  3. I love pygmies, but also pandas! Cories are some of my favorites!
  4. Gorgeous new fish! Does anyone know of anything similar? I'm looking to get some gobies soon, but I don't know.
  5. In general, I would assume them to be similar to other schooling/shoaling fish, like guppies/other livebearers. They do in fact replicate very easily and I've seen them do really well (sometimes better) in ponds, so if that's an option (you really want to keep ricefish, but they don't have to be in a tank) you could consider that.
  6. Yes, mollies can hold sperm for that long too. This is generally true with most livebearers in this group.
  7. I'm pretty sure that L134 fry will not be much more different than other plecos (or corydoras, for that matter). You can probably get them on fine with anything other fry would take.
  8. You could always add more neon tetras. They always look nice in large schools: look up some videos! With algae, it's never recommended to rely on fish to clean your tank; you may be feeding too much to your fish, or have too many nutrients, etc. Adding more fish as a 'clean-up crew' are not always the best option. With that said, you may want to introduce a colony of some kind of inverts that may enjoy your excess algae. Additionally, the different kinds of algae will require different kinds of solutions to fix: there are lots of great videos online that may help you with your issue.
  9. From what I've heard, the blue strain is less common than the 'regular' gold strain: so yes, you do have a rarer strain. Most (if not all) advice on ocellatus will probably apply to your fish, there are lots of great videos by members of Co-Op (Irene, Zenzo, etc.) and those outside about shell dwellers.
  10. Thanks for your advice. I thought so too, but just wanted to make sure that opinions on similar fish applied to these!
  11. Hi, I have three pea/dwarf puffers in a ten gallon that I've had for about five months now (keeping fish for about five years now). I want to upgrade their tank to a twenty long soon, and was wondering whether they would be compatible with any bottom-dwellers -- I was specifically looking at zebra plecos (yes, I know); honeycomb catfish; or something similar (a colorful-ish complement to the puffers). With their price, I really want to make sure that the two species are compatible. Not hoping to breed anything, just a pretty tank that I can admire. 😁
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