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  1. @Colu I’ve never heard of that before but when I googled it, it doesn’t seem like it. This hole/raised lump is coming from higher up on her stomach on the side of her body. If I try to epsom salt salt bath, will it do damage to her if it isn’t a prolapse? thanks!
  2. One of my Dalmatian mollies seems to have a large white hole in its side. It’s the only fish in the tank with this symptom. The tank has 10 mollies, 10 corydoras, and 5 bristle nose pleco. It is a 70 gallons tank. This fish is a baby that was born and raised in my tank so likely not a disease from a pet store. No recent additions to the tank. Wondering what it could possibly be. ammonia - 0 pH- between 7-7.5 Nitrite - 0 ppm nitrate - about 20 ppm KH - between 40-80 ppm and GH - 180 ppm water temperate is 79°f I do a 25-50% water change every 1-2 weeks
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