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  1. @Robert sorry to bother you with stock question - do you all still have the Rummy Nose Rasboras available? Been looking for these for a year, and missed them on stock list couple of weeks ago. Thank you!
  2. Got it / appreciate the help to plan the journey up there, thanks so much!
  3. @Robertsprry to ping you - are the galaxy otos available for purchase today at the store? Or is it 2 weeks from today type timing? Thank you!
  4. @Robert Could you share if you have Ottos available to sell this week please? Hard to find them… and I wasn’t fast enough in the last couple of weeks.
  5. @Robertdo you have any female Apistogramma Agassizii "Fire Red? Sorry to ask when I know you are so busy, but it’s such a long drive 2hr+ to find out otherwise. And not sold out of Amano shrimp? Thank you!
  6. Thanks, first I noticed a bunch of rams horns on it, which is a big giveaway and then when I pulled it out to plant it, the smell was really really obvious.
  7. Hello folks, i had two tiger lotus bulbs I got from the Co-op, (unsprouted) and put them in an aquarium loose to sprout them so I can plant them the right way up. One is fine and is now planted, but I realized the other sprouted too but really smells (sulphur/rotten eggs) smell so I’ve removed it to a container about a week ago. The leaves have continued to grow but the bulb still stinks 😷 Should I just throw it out, or continue to see if it will grow? I thought perhaps I could cut the bulb or something, but none of it feels soft/rotten, still hard to to the touch. I’m loath to throw it out since it did sprout and I don’t want to waste it and it’s a living thing. thank you for any advice!
  8. Sorry to bother you with another in stock question @Robert- do you still have any of Dean’s koi angels and gold rams left?
  9. Thanks Daniel and Ben for your replies - I appreciate it. I don’t think the Otto looks stressed, but those red streaks appeared very quickly - I will have to study him tonight when I get off work. I don’t have a test kit for CO2, so ordering one right now, thanks for mentioning it.
  10. Did 20% water change. Heavily planted 17g. Went to buy API Master Test Kit. Followed directions precisely. Ammonia at 0.5 ppm still (used test strip earlier, still at same level after water change) pH at 6.4 Nitrate now at 0 ppm - wondering if the plants ate it all? Rerunning test in case of error in the vigorous shaking steps. Nitrite 0ppm Also going to test water from faucet. edited to add: water from faucet testing at 0.25ppm ammonia Added 1.5ml of Prime retested ammonia in tank after Prime: 0ppm Did I restart my whole cycle by doing 50% water change on Sunday? I have two sponge filters in the tank. Stupidly I just broke down my hospital tank on Sunday also, after having completed QT for everything, so didn’t need to run it any more. update 2: Now I am reading the API test kit might be measuring harmless ammonium as opposed to ammonia. So now I am back to square one. I added some Fritz 7 beneficial bacteria, and I will observe the Otto in the morning to see if there is any progress one way or another.
  11. Hello folks - just noticed one of my Ottos has red steaks on him. Need your help please on best course of action. Tank STT: tank set up for 3 months Ottos added: 2 weeks ago Ammonia registering on Tetra Easy Strips as 0.5 ppm. I did over feed yesterday - went a bit crazy on the Repashy. I did use the test strip correctly. pH - always the lowest on test strip, Seattle tap water 6.2 KH: 0 GH: 75ppm ( I use wondershell) Nitrates at 20ppm, I did dose Easy Green two days ago. I dose easy carbon daily. I have started running CO2 in the last 7 days. Did 50% water change on Sunday. I will do a water change. But should I dose the tank with Maracyn? help please!
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