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  1. Sure will. I have to stop by at Walmart and buy a fishing license before we go, that makes the minnow trap and nets legal. Still can't catch 'game' fish that way though. (which is okay) Out of Lake Washington I have trapped/netted - Least killie fish, Star top minnows, lined top minnows and Florida Flagfish. Blue spotted sunfish are rumored but I believe they are further north on the St. Johns River system. There are several species of non-indigenous fish too big to trap and several species of non-indigenous floating plants that are aquarium relevant. Obviously put out there years back and can't be gotten rid of today. Since this is a new tank, mosquito fish, Gambusia affinis are what I'm mostly after this trip. They are nearly indestructible, when the tank is past the new tank stage I will take them back to where I caught them.
  2. I'd be curious when the next batch of 36 LED lights are coming in! Ha! I need two of them.
  3. Hello to all. Just started two 40 breeders, haven't had an aquarium for around 10 years, been doing this since I was a kid. I'm 71 now. Later this morning the wife and I are going down to Lake Washington and get some floating plants and some mosquito fish to start the tank up. Have to watch out for female alligators in breeding season and big bull males. Always fun to go down there! It's got a park with a playground surrounded with a tall reinforced chain link fence. Signs posted every 12 feet "Do not leave children unattended Alligator Warning". Who in their right mind thought a playground was a good idea here! Ha!
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