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  1. Day before yesterday I was peering into my 10 gallon with my habrosus colony (have had some sadness there recently so have been following closely…that’s another story), and I noticed that my Corys had spawned!!! On a ramshorn snail!😂😂😂. I just let it alone…I’m trying not to mess with the tank too much, just good maintenance these days…and lo and behold today, that lovely ramshorn made an appearance at the front of the tank, with that delightfully cute Cory egg still hanging on! I am not going to fetch the egg out. Planning on my 10 gallon box of nature to take its course, but this little duo made me smile today. Hope it does for you too! Take care all!
  2. Well, fish are in! Plants growing! Couldn’t be happier (minus duckweed, but I’m afraid I’m stuck with it). No ammonia ever, above and below water plants are doing a fabulous job. Now I hope to see som fry over the summer! I can watch my golden white clouds from all angles, inside and out. Keep you all posted!!
  3. Hi! Sorry took me FOREVER to respond, I’ll probably use some sort of heater to keep it from freezing during winter...I’ll have to research it!
  4. Hi all! My tub is nearly complete, I just need to add my fish. Have learned so much. I’m nervous about adding the fish to it, not sure why. But it’s been a really fun process!
  5. That is a gorgeous tank! Great deal too!
  6. That’s great! I see you have a bumbo seat positioned in front of that low tank...you have a baby you are trying to get into the hobby? 🤩
  7. So nice! I bet the bristlenose are happy in there!!
  8. Thank you! I love those little buggers. So sweet.
  9. I love these!! So cool that you have all the pictures!!
  10. These are GORGEOUS!! Your plants are so GOOD! Excellent work. Habrosus are wonderful, but they spawn only 2-6 eggs at a time. But they are totally worth the worth the wait!
  11. Hi all! I started fish keeping in the middle of the pandemic. Now I’m obsessed...with the biology, chemistry, and beauty of this hobby. I’ve learned SO MUCH in the last year...thanks to many of you in the forum. I’d like to show you how it all started with this tank that I put together for my daughter, and is now in my home office/fishroom. It’s a year old, the only fish in there now from its inception are habrosus corydoras which were my first successful spawn. It’s a 10 gallon and now dedicated to them, as well as “Goggles” the hard-working Nerite who was the first creature to move into this little community and going strong. Plants are a mess. Still a novice there, but am learning month by month... SO I thought I’d share a post ONE YEAR IN (my 1-year aquariumiversary?) pics. I’d love to see what other keepers have done in the last year. Before and after shots welcome! Let’s celebrate making it through this unprecedented year. In last year, I learned to LOVE sponge filters, and floating plants. Also learning that I Strongly Dislike duckweed, but will live with it for now... Also learned that I’ll eventually need to transplant the sword to a different tank, but I’m not ready yet because my corys are so happy...see below for a picture of my very happy habrosus corydoras and pictures from when I first set up this tank May 2020, in my daughter’s room. I think I can safely say it’s seasoned and I couldn’t be happier!
  12. Pond in place on the porch! Fish inside quarantining (waiting)! I’m excited to see what it looks like from the inside with fish in it! Pls excuse the glare...
  13. I painted it to match my house today, hoping it will blend in, and then it’ll be all about the plants and the fishes inside. I also have a deck railing planter I’m going to hang on the side and pump water through as part of the filtration. I think next weekend I’m going to set it up!!
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