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  1. That's what I"m doing in my one tank, but the other tank, has axo's in it, and its only half full bc they prefer less (its swampy) lol Glad to know I'm the only one that's triggered by that water sound! lol
  2. UPDATE! I ended up purchasing a LARGE sponge filter, and my lordy!!!! My 45-gallon that's been cycling for a few weeks, was crystal clear within a few hours! I can't even believe it! 🥰 I kept the HOB, but I've been able to turn down the flow. It doesn't sound like a leaky toilet in my place now! (my biggest issue with the HOB is the water tinkle tinkle sound ..lol!) I like the idea of having 2 kinds of filters in a larger tank. If the hydro ever goes out, that AquaClear thing doesn't gear back up automatically but now I have the sponge as backup.
  3. Its noisy ... and for some reason, I feel like the sponges are a lot easier? Andy, And since you have angelfish, what do you find works best?
  4. New here! 😀 I'd like switch to from over-the-back filtration to sponge filters. I"m a bit confused, as to how many I'll need in my tank .. They seem so small to do the trick! I have a long 45 gallon, that will house 6 angel fish once it's done cycling. Also looking for suggestions for an air pump. I've had bad luck with them in the past, as they always ended up dying. Any feedback/info is greatly appreciated! ----- Pic of one of my axolotls, just because 🙂 *Not the tank I'm switching out 🙂
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