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  1. I was watching a video of Cory's where he highly recommends the cobalt 1200 powerhead but I see it discontinued everywhere. Is there an alternative to this piece of equipment that anyone can recommend as a dependable replacement or does anyone know of a source for these?
  2. okay, thank you. I will do that.
  3. I have a question with those familiar with the linear air pump being sold by aquarium coop . I am setting up a fish room in my basement and have 1" pvc that I have set to put together to tap and drill for air. I currently have 3 racks and have purchased 12 20 gallon tall tanks and 4 10 gallons that it will supply (probably more as I go forward). My question is "Do I need a diffuser at the far end of the system for now as it will be a process and tanks will come on line a few at a time or should I just drill/tap/valve all the spots I know I am going to use and just leave them open and bleed air that way?" I am concerned that at first I will not need all that air and would need to bleed off extra until everything is going. I guess the second part of that question is "Does back pressure damage the pump from not bleeding off the extra?"
  4. I am having difficulty in one tank with several of the plants due to fish dislodging them. It is a sixty gallon loaded with adult through baby albino bristlenose, 2-3+inch clown loaches, a couple clown pleco (I think L103) and a half dozen gold lazer corydoras. I am not sure who is dislodging the plants, but I have tried thread and they work them loose. The tank has a great deal of driftwood and a couple small breeder caves along with a large castle like ornament I have left in because the most dominant male pleco seems to always prefer that for breeding. I even have some realistic fake plants for more cover and Pothos roots hanging down in from the back, but I had to actually pull out and try to rehab a couple anubias petite. They were ripped up a bit, not that they were eating the leaves but separated. One should be okay, not sure about the other. The Java Ferns keep getting worked loose too. The fish have plenty of food. I feed zucchini (1/2 to 1 full each week) along with pellet food/flakes for the corys and the loaches. I have had to put a rock directly on the micro sword rhizomes to keep them down. My wife likes the red plants and wants me to add some, but I was uncertain how to keep them in place. If I try this plant, should I leave it in the basket with the rock wool then as the instructions call for on the planter description? I have root tabs already I could put in there.
  5. Is Alternanthera reineckii var 'Roseafolia' a good plant to put in the Easy Planters from Aquarium Coop?
  6. The only person whose thoughts really matter on your tanks is you. It it makes you happy then it's all good. Many of the greatest artists in history were mocked by their peers at the time. Maybe you are just the trendsetter!
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