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  1. I’m in Orlando for a week or so. Any tips on what to see? Happy to drive a bit.
  2. Love the Bolivian Rams. The GBRs in my area just always seem to fall apart. Give Bolivians a little time, and they turn our GORGEOUS. Hardy too!
  3. I think it sometimes takes time to establish, and then it really takes off. I have a 180 nearly full to the top with moss and a few 75s in the same condition. My tetras love it, and there’s a fair amount of accidental breeding going on too!
  4. Dream fish! I love albums! It appears you’re out of the woods. They look spectacular! Regarding acclimation, I lean toward the plop and drop more and more these days. Ammonia at low pH is relatively non-toxic (because it’s ammonium). Once you start adding water, you can raise the pH and turn the ammonium to toxic ammonia. I’m always surprised at the relatively harsh seeming acclimation methods that importers and suppliers use. But it seems the science supports that method. I bet your use of Prime during acclimation had a lot to do with your success. I’d love to see some definitive research on this topic!
  5. I always try to have at least two separate filters on my tanks. That allows me to more aggressively clean one while the other continues to operate. The MAIN reason, however, is simple for a fail-safe setup in case one filter fails.
  6. I'm Chris, a long time fish keeper here in Virginia! I'm currently keeping a few thousand gallons of cichlids, puffers, and dozens and dozens of tetra, rasbora, barb, and livebearer species. I really enjoy the biotope approach, and I am also a self-confessed "Mulm-Master!" (Inside joke on the Coop!) Nothing beats the look of hundreds of tiny fish in a huge natural tank!......except of course one huge fish in a huge natural tank! Thanks for Corey and the team for doing everything right. The COOP is a wonderful example of the best in people!
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