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  1. Hi inkbird users, Do you use the non wifi controller or the wifi controller? Is the wifi unit worth the cost and does the app for it work with multiple inkbird controllers? Thanks for the advice!
  2. I have two 20 long, one 29, one 37, two 40 breeders and a 75 gallon
  3. I have two 20 long, one 29, one 37, two 40 breeders and a 75 gallon
  4. Hi, I learned on YouTube Sunday that Co-op is dropping their heater line. This is very disappointing to me since I completed converting my 7 tanks to co-op heaters a couple of months ago. They have worked well for me. Going forward can any of you recommend heater brands or types as replacements.....again? I really like seeing the temperature and the ability to change temperature without reaching into the tank. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have several co-op auto feeders. They have worked well for me when we are on trips. I am in the process of setting up a 75 gallon tank and discovered that the clamp on the auto feeder does not open wide enough to fit onto the upper frame of the 75 gallon tank. It is an Aqueon tank. Has anyone come up with a work around other than using the double sided tape disc that comes wit the feeder? I like the ability to remove the feeder when I want to. Thank for any advice you have. PCC
  6. Hi All, I have a 37 gallon tall well planted tank that has 4 honey gourami, 6 cherry barb, 6 neon tetra and 4 cory's. The tank has been going with no issues for a couple of years. I did have a single panda angelfish in the tank. That was ok for a couple of months then he/she got bigger and meaner. He had the honey gourami's hiding. I moved the angelfish to another tank. Any suggestions for a peaceful centerpiece fish to replace the angelfish? Thanks for the advice!
  7. Hi All, I am currently seasoning a planted 20 Gallon long tank for a future shrimp colony. The tank has been running since July and the water parameters are good and I do regular water changes. In September I introduced chili rasboras, otocinclus and pygmy 6 pygmy cory's. I am having terrible luck with the pygmy cory's. Several of the first six died in the first two weeks. I purchased some more with similar results, I now have 4 remaining. I have made sure to supply them with bottom feeding wafers, pellets and rapashy which I watched them all eat from. I have 3 other community tanks with larger varieties of cory's. I also lost a few of those cory's early on. If they survive for the first month they seem to be long lived. I have had no issues with all of my other community fish. So I am looking for alternative shrimp friendly bottom feeders (not cory's) and am still trying to figure out why I am loosing cory's. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Have any of you purchased the aquarium plant assortments that several online dealers offer? They are usually described as hardy no CO2 plants for beginners and contain 10 to 20 plants. If you have purchased one of these how did it work out for you? Were you happy and if so which vendor did you use. Plants are expensive ant these assortments are tempting.
  9. Hi, About 4 months ago I added 6 Amano shrimp to one of my community tanks. I still see the Amano once in a while but today when I was changing water and doing a bit of cleaning I discovered the guy in the attached pictures. He does not look like the Amano that I see now and then and he is much bigger than the Amano. What is he?
  10. I have a couple more aquariums that I am setting up (it is a sickness 😊). I like aquarium co-op air pumps and feeders but you cannot order them now due to shipping issues with the lithium batteries. The website says they are taking too long to ship. I really don't care if it takes a week or two to get to me. But with no estimate of a date for shipping it looks like I will have to order from Amazon to continue making progress which is a bummer.
  11. I am trying Monte Carlo again this time planting it pot and all like the coop video on the subject now says to do. During my first experience with Monte Carlo I took it out of the pot and the plant had super tiny roots which made it nearly impossible to stay in the substrate. The coop video said they had better luck planting pot and all and letting the plat spread then later go back in to cut out the pot. I will also look into floating hornwort. Thanks Here is the article on planting the entire pot for some carpeting plants. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/faqs/how-to-plant-carpeting-plants
  12. Anyone know why Aquarium Co-op stopped selling anubias plants? I emailed them and the response was they had no plans to bring any in.
  13. Hi, I am planning on starting up a 20 gallon long cherry shrimp only tank. What plants do you recommend?. I will be using Caribsea Eco Complete substrate. I would like to get a carpeting plant established but have had not good luck in my other aquariums with Monte Carlo and Dwarf Grass carpeting plants. I do not have a CO2 injection system. I do have nicrew classic plus lights. I plan on letting the tank sit without shrimp for 3 to 6 months to really cycle and stabilize. I might add some snails or some sort of algae eater during that time for some bio loading and algae control. Thanks for the advice!
  14. Does the dual outlet air pump create enough flow to handle 4 sponge filters?
  15. Hi All, Can you tell me what kind of algae this is and the best way of going about reducing it? Thanks for the help, PCC
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