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  1. One betta in a ten gallon! Me personally maybe once every 3 months if not 6! Depends mostly on your feeding habits! Have you ever paid attention to sponge filters in most fish stores or even in Cory's vids? They are usually covered in algae. As long as it's still got good flow I'd roll with it!
  2. Nope! I just like to keep and enjoy the little magnificent creatures!! I have an addictive personality and that's not a can of worms I even wanna dabble in lol.My wife's already at her wits ends with just me keeping multiple tanks! She would lose her shit if I came home with more just to try and produce e more fish I wont wanna give away
  3. I found a local breeder at the Tropical fish swap meet today in the Quadcities and I landed the L33and I nabbed an L139 Columbian
  4. Anyone bought a good TDS meter that isn't terribly expensive? I'm gunna give shrimp a go and all the videos I've watched they all test their waters TDS. I've seen a few on Amazon but thought I'd ask my local Fish Nerms before purchasing any. Thanks all and Most importantly keep it fishy Friends
  5. I have run an FX6 and it makes water changes easy! It's got a drain on the bottom that had a barbed fitting on it that I attach a hose to and run from there to my sink. I kill the power to it and my heater and close the return line and let gravity do the rest! And as far as gravel vac I only do it when I need to. I've actually got two power heads I'll let run for a few hours to A-Give my fish some exercise and B-Stir up all the debris which usually settles it a certain area of the tank when power heads are on than just suck it up! But that only happens maybe once every couple months!
  6. I've got a heavily planted 55G with 9 smaller cichlids 3 yellow labs, 3 Duboisi, and 3 bumblebee bee cichlids. And a bristle nose plecos. The fish live in harmony amongst each other and I was curious if a shrimp colony could survive or if anyone has ever had any luck. I know people pull of strange stuff all the time and I was considering dropping some in. I just bought like 30 fire red Neocaridins from LRB aquatics. I guess it will work or they will become fish food!
  7. My family and I ate a huge dinner off the grill, Played a couple rounds of Monopoly and are currently watching the American Classic Harry And The Hendersons!! My children have never seen it and So far you couldn't peel their eyes away if ya wanted too. Happy New year's My fellow Nerms! I pray 2021 is great for all and is nothing like the shit show 2020 turned out to be!! Excuse my french!
  8. Or you can just go crazy like mine here with a bunch of swords, ferns and anubis
  9. I absolutely love my Cory's! I've got a 40G half moon dedicated just to Cory's and kinda a grow out tank for a few Loachs! Most interesting fish in the hobby!
  10. Anyone know of a trick to keep my Glass tops to keep from getting cloudy like in the picture? I know it's from the heat of the light literally baking the evaporation onto the glass cause my old Hygger Ligjts weren't near as powerful and never got hot like this Fluval does. It gets HOT. These glass tops aren't 2 months old! They will wipe off but I didnt know if there was a trick one of my fellow Nerms could pass along?
  11. I live in The midwest of Illinois 20 miles east of the Big Muddy that separates Illinois from Iowa. Being slap dab in the middle of the country we get the best of both worlds We get super cold in the winter and stupid hot in the summer. They saying in these parts is if you dont like the weather wait 4 hrs and it will change!Current temp is 34* And starting to spit sleet and snow. May make for an interesting ride to work in the AM
  12. I've been trying to figure out how often to dose my aquarium! I dose with easy green weekly, and I've started dosing Leaf zone for potassium and I use wonder shells to get my calcium magnesium. Do I just try to keep the NO3 around 40ppm? So for example I tested my parameters a couple days ago and my NO3's were getting high 60 to 80ppm So I did a 25% Water Change. Now they sit at 0ppm. So should I go ahead and dose my tank or wait till the scheduled day? Like I used to change water once a week and than dose but after my last post Cory made me realize that if the parameters were ok not to do any water changes so now my schedules messed up lol. Should I of not done the Water change not dose anything until the plants naturally brought down the Nitrates?
  13. @Corygood thing the Containers unloaded cause we have xmas money to spend!!
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