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  1. I've actually complained to the seller for portraying it as an aquarium plant when it clearly doesn't like to be submerged
  2. I ordered this plant yesterday and quite a bit of it. What I should of done is researched it prior to buying. After I paid $70 bucks for 7 bunches of the plant I found out its not really a aquatic plant. Its not to late to cancel the order and I may. So here's my question, Has anyone successfully kept and grown this plant completely submerged underwater?
  3. Ive got a Taiwan bee tank wich requires a 4 to 6 degrees GH and a zero KH. So I use Salty shrimp GH booster with my RODI but I feel like my Amano and Snails are lacking calcium for their shells. Any advice. Does adding wondershells raise GH without KH?
  4. If i'm not mistaken I think amano shrimp are ok in brackish water as well. Especially in super low levels. I have mine in a Flex 32 with a bunch of Guppies and I feed the fry brine shrimp daily. I hatch the brine in salt water and when I harvest them I keep part of the water so every day they get a little bit of salt. Minuet amounts but their is still some present and the amano are excellent cleaners
  5. Today I turn 41 years young and my children each picked me out 10 apple snails for my 120G tanks I dont think I should tell them it probably wasnt a good idea to seeing how the tank houses a Juvenile fahaka puffer. Maybe he will ignore these ones lol Whoops
  6. I very rarely do a gravel vacuuming, too me that's getting rid of precious nutrients for the plants and all my amanos and Taiwan Bee shrimp But when I change water I do like @lefty o says and pinch my hose and watch carefully cause the baby shrimp especially are curious when the siphon tube is installed on tank. I pinch the hose than inspect the bucket afterwards.
  7. @Daniel love the tanks buddy! I'd love to hear what all you've had in the tank present and in the past. I'm really considering buying an 500 myself. I've got an uncle who owns a glass company so I could buy the glass at their cost. But am scared due to a failure cause that much water would flood my house lol. I flood my house my wife will kick me out to the Barn lol.
  8. Heres an updated pic of that same tank a year later
  9. Whats yalls opinions on a grow light a couple feet above my aquarium for my pothos and my Lucky Panda chew sticks (Bamboo). I used to run it 10 hrs a day and my plants were growing like crazy but I was having a serious algae issue as well but Id also just purchases the fluval 3.0 and was getting everything balanced out. My plants have since than died back alot seeing how our house is pretty dim so Id like to start using it again but am kinda sketchy of it cause my tanks have never looked so good. This is an old pic when I ran it 8 to 10hrs a day
  10. Ive got a Generator but have yet to get it plumbed into my house. So when it does happen I have several extension cords all over the place.
  11. These are awesome! Can you tell me the make and model? Also how are they hooked up by a regular wall outlet than just has a built in power strip? Ive never heard of these. Also how ling will this thing last. How many components do you can you run off of it? I have so many questions. These are a must have for a Hobbyiest with multiple tanks.
  12. We lost power again last night due to another midwest storm and yes we have a Generator but Im jot always gunna be home when it goes off. Cory mentioned a wall plug that is a also a backup battery. So its always pluggee in to an outlet than your aerators are plugged into it. Can anyone tell me where to find those? Ive googled it and havent had any luck finding it.
  13. How about a Taiwan Bee tank? Not the cheapest stocking but super cool. Ive hot 50 in a 32G with about 100 snails and 30 amano with some guppies that have bred like crazy!
  14. Hey yall Ive got a Flex 32 and it has the built in filter system and it uses a pump like you'd use in a sump. The pump sits in the water and has a hose connected to the spray bar. My ques3is has anyone found an inline diffuser/ atomizer to fit that particular hose? Im afraid to pull it off due to my current stock load in this tank. Its got probably 50 Taiwan bees 30 amano all from flip aquatics. and im afraid to leave it dismantled too long. I wish i could fig out what size hose it is without removing it. Any ideas?
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