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  1. My PH is usually high 8.4. Also I do still test my water but I'm not that great at reading the results. I have the liquid Ch and Kh api kits. last time I tested I'm pretty sure it took 5 drops for ch and like 18 drops for kh to get the test tube to change colors. I'm doing a water change once a week to once every two to try to lower the numbers but it hasn't worked that way very well.
  2. frets. with a water softener I think my water is still hard. I do have a CH&KH liquid test kit and if I'm reading it correctly my water is still hard. When I get off work and home I'll test again and post my results maybe someone can help with the readings cause to be honest I teat but not sure how to convert the drops to PPM. And as far as the fish they always seem to leave them alone. And my Nitrates seem to be relatively high even b4 the death of my snails! I'll do a complete parameter test and post all results here after while. Thanks for the input. Keep it fishy Friends and fellow Nerms
  3. I ordered 8 Nerite snails online and they all lasted for a month or so than over the last few days I noticed non of them had been moving. Tested my parameters and my nitrates were through the roof. No fish loss. Not sure why my Nitrates are always elevated? Amonia always 0 along with Nitrites but Nitrates are always high. I'm a weekly to every other week water changer at least 25% to 50%. I live dead in the middle of the country so we have well water and a water softener. I've never lost a fish to water quality. This is in my 55-G which I have the Cichlid sand for substrate 3 amazon swords, 3 anubis and 3 Val's. Running excessive amounts of filtration. I've always used my Marineland Magnum- 220 along with a double sponge filter with aerator. About a month ago I installed an FX6 on the tank as well just to try to get it seeded for my 150G I just finished. I've got both canisters jam packed full of BioMedia along with Aquarium Co-Op's Prefilters on both. Not sure what's going on. Any Ideas? Also I'm using Easy Green tabs and ferts.
  4. I'm also new and have actually had the same plants in my tank now for a couple months. Half of mine look half dead. It's got root tabs plucked all over the substrate and I dose once a week or may e two weeks
  5. A Co-worker said hey buddy aren't you one of those fish geeks?? I said with absolute pride Yessir I sure am lol He had a buddy who had a Marineland cylinder type 30 Gallon tank he wanted to get rid of with all supplies and fish included for free! I thought SCORE!! Well once I got there I figured out why they wanted the tank gone pretty quickly. The Topfin CF60 canister filter they had on the tank had quit so the way overstocked aquarium housing 3 Oscar's and 3 Convicts were basking in Amonia filled water and not only that they unplugged the heater and seeing how its October here in the midwest it's been getting cold outside. So I get the water drained down and I would normally try to accumulate them before throwing them Into my cooler turned into an aerated portable tank, but with the shape of these poor fellas they got thrown right in. I get them home and instantly going to work on setting up the biggest extra tank I have available which is a 75 gallon. After 2 days believe it or not they are all still kicking and seem extremely happy to have a bigger tank. One of the Oscar's lower jaw has broke in the past and healed all sideways. These poor fellas have been through hell and back. I've got a new 150G I've been working on getting it finished and set up and I'm going to make it these guys new forever home cause God knows they deserve it. Rant over lol Have a great day and keep it fishy friends!!
  6. I can read this topic over and over but it just wont sink in! I have the api liquid test bottles for CH and KH and dont really understand either of them. My plants look alright. They are newer plants so I'm blaming that on melting. My fish are all doing good. I try to keep my Nitrates around 40ppm Nitrites are usually 0 I can tell you how many drops my ch and kh took to change color but the actual number chart confuses the shit out of me
  7. I have easy green Fertilizer along with easy tabs. Everything in my tank besides fish came from Aquarium Co-Op
  8. Tetra easy balance plus I added this too my aquarium forgetting about the live plants I'm trying to keep alive. Please tell me this is not going to kill my plants!!
  9. Kinda the same at my house. My wife see's it daily and even tho she could careless she acts like she does lol. As long as I'm happy shes not gunna stand in my way. Even tho she doesn't understand why I'm so I to it lol
  10. I'm as Normal as the next guy but as soon as I walk in my house I'm an instant Nerd. I'm not afraid to show it. I would wear that hat Proud and loud. And @Aubrey I love how you hid it under the bill. Kinda what we Nerms do. Normal from the outside looking in but if you look under the normal there's a certified Nerd hiding in there. Great Job and zim totally gunna have to do the same with my Cap
  11. Did you just leave the cloth stuff on the plant or pull it off and just say back in planter?
  12. Yes it could! But just think if Aquarium Co-Op sent it to you as a award/gift for 1 year of being a Nerm/Member how sweet that would be and rewarding! Every one likes prizes!
  13. I totally have an awesome Idea for @Cory and the Company. I would totally buy.a Nerm Hat. All Black with the Aquarium Co-Op Logo on the front with Nerm written on the back. But only for Members who've been around for while have access. Kinda a way to show appreciation to long time members! Just an idea!! Keep it fishy Friends Nick Hager Monmouth. Illinois
  14. Ya I love how it just chops the air bubbles and sends them across the tank!
  15. Today I received my Hat, Plants and Fertilizers for my Cichlid Tank!! I even super glued two plants down as seen on the Co-op Channel. I tied the others down with fishing string. I also have few planted in pots buried in my substrate!! Thanks again Aquarium Co-Op. I fully intend to fill my new 150G Tank full of Co-op products. I love the videos he puts out they are full of knowledge. I'm not a guy whose good with plants but I take notice to my tanks. I watch them daily. Thanks for everything yall do. I'll be representing clear over here in central Illinois
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