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  1. It looks kinda like the Cory that I have the Emerald Green Cory.
  2. Been reading some of the posts here and it seems like everyone who has ever had fish has had this problem. Even I admit that as a fish keeper with some experience that I have done it a time or to. That’s what these forums are for people make mistakes in this hobby and people learn.
  3. Big sexy is the perfect name for that he is a beauty.
  4. Livebearers are always naughty they keep trying to have sex when male and females are kept together.
  5. I suppose it’s possible to have a really big platy. It could be a balloon platy they do have mollies and other fish that are called balloon.
  6. How big is the tank? Angels are generally pretty hardy and can also be very territorial.
  7. In my opinion don't ever by fish from Meijer. I went into my local Meijer today and the fish don't look too good and a lot of them are pretty expensive.
  8. In my opinion OTTOS are very difficult to keep. I had a couple in my tank once but they never last long they always want algae. I have no idea what is causing the tail loss.
  9. Hmm for just a betta a 5 gallon should be fine but the smaller the tank the harder it is to keep it healthy. I would go no smaller than that. If you would want anything else I would upgrade to at least a 10 or even better a 20.
  10. Its all about the money it costs too much money to run a fish keeping store these days.
  11. You wanna know whats killing the hobby. Its the people. It seems as there is a lack of fish stores in alot of towns and alot of people don't have knowledge or the will power to run a bussiness that caters to the fish keeping world. Wisconsin just lost a major fish store a few years ago in milwaukee. Hoffer's Tropic Life Pets.
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