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  1. Thank you for the reply. That’s encouraging to hear. May I ask what sort of filtration you use in the 55 gallon you showed?
  2. *Attempts to holler, voice cracks* 😅 I’m just beginning to set up my 55gal tank. I had originally planned on fancy goldfish, but after going way down the rabbit hole of Angelfish videos, articles, and posts like this one, I’m hooked. I live in Central PA and unfortunately our water is…not exactly comparable to that of an Amazonian tributary. Hard water with a Ph hovering around 8. I suppose my question is, should I try to chase better parameters, or just focus on a clean, well cycled tank? thanks in advance
  3. @EVoyager31 Thank you for the advice. My experience with aquarium filtration is limited to HOBs and sponge filters. Admittedly, my tanks were all smaller (30 gal or less) and at the time I was working on a shoestring budget. Would you say canister filters are really worth the extra expensive and learning curve? I’m considering a “breeder” style tank, 40-55 gallon size range. My plan had been: a Tidal 110 HOB filter, a Ziss bio bubbler filter, and a sponge filter. So the cost wouldn’t be too much more for a canister in lieu of those three. And if you recommend canister filtration above those, which brand? thanks in advance
  4. I’m Johnny, I’m just getting back into aquarium keeping after a 20 year hiatus. I plan on keeping Fancy Goldfish. Any tips on aquarium set-up, sourcing my goldfish once the tank is installed and cycled, etc. would be very much appreciated. thanks in advance, and I look forward to meeting you all!
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