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  1. I happened to find this thread and have been reading through this. There is a lot of pages lol, but great info. I have a 20 gallon long. I have a glass top and my light is set above my tank about 5". I was dealing with some algae, which is getting better. I am dosing every other day with easy carbon. I don't use CO2. I am trying to add more plants to help outcompete the algae. I have java ferns, Anubias, Buce's and stem plants. I also added more flow. I watched Bentley Pascoe's youtube videos and set my light according to his recommendations, and started ramping up slightly each week by a percent or two. Right now I have my lights set for sunrise for 1.5 hours, blue at 2% red at 15% all the whites at 25%. sunrise is at 10:30, lights 12:00-18:00, then sunset for 1.5 hours. I was playing around with the whites today and realized I don't really like the warm white. Can I omit the warm white and just use a higher percentage of the other 2 whites? Instead of 25% each white can I do 50% of the pure white and 25% of the cold white? Today I changed my sunrise and sunset for 2 hours each instead of the 1.5 hours it was. I was also reading about a dual siesta lighting schedule but have no idea where to even start with that for my 20L. Can anyone suggest settings for a dual siesta for me if I decide to try that? Thanks for all this great info and this very informative thread.
  2. Interesting about Kanaplex. There is so much misinformation and it can get very confusing. Thank you for your suggestion. I will continue with the IchX treatments daily and get some Maracyn2.
  3. I purchased a Clown Pleco and didn't see any disease, but when he came out of hiding I noticed he had Epistylis It was about 3 weeks from the time of purchased him till now. I have a 20 gallon planted tank with 2 mystery snails and a handful of guppy fry. The Pleco was the only one affected. I lowered my temperature from78 to 72 and did 3 treatments of IckX followed by 30% water changes. I was also medicating the food with Kanaplex. Sadly He didn't make it. Everyone else still looks fine. What should I be doing at this point now that he passed? I just did another 30% water change. All my peramaters look good. I want to eventually get more fish. I am definitly going to quaranteen next time around. (Hard lesson learned) How long do I need to wait before adding another fish to the tank? I am not in any hurry to add anything. I just want to know if I should be dosing anymore and with anything else other than Ick x? This is the first time I have delt with anything like this. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Curious what the difference in size and width is between the small and medium Coop sponge filter. All I can find is what size tank its recommended for, not the specs of the sponge filter itself. Any help is appreciated
  5. I like the idea of the 2 compartments. Just wondering if the 800 would be too strong for the fry
  6. I have a 20 long with mainly guppies and fry. Its a heavily planted tank. I have a Hygger double sponge filter in the middle of my 20 long and I am looking for something in the left corner. Right now I have the Hygger internal filter which is a pia. You have to remove the whole thing to replace media. The Sicce sounds so much easier. I am still deciding if I should try another HOB like the Tidal 55, add another sponge filter from ACOOP, or try this Sicce.
  7. Curious when yu say ease of maintanence. Is it easy to take the filter off the suction cups and reattach easily? Curious what you decide to get. I have a 20 long and had an aquaclear HOB that I swapped out for a sponge filter. I also have a 20 long and I dont think the sponge filter was enough. I got a hygger internal filter. It is a pia to do maintanance on so I am looking for another solution on my 20 long
  8. I just added some plants to this 20 gallon long. The tank has been running about 4 months. It is low tech. I am not going to use CO2. I plan to use easy, lower light plants. I have one Aquaneat LED light. I can add another Aquaneat if I need to. I am looking for suggestions for easy plants that I can place on the driftwood, and a few to place behind the driftwood along the back. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  9. Here is another picture. Sorry about the poor quality
  10. A friend gave this plant to me. Is this a sword plant? Or can you help me identify what it is
  11. I am going to keep a planted, guppy tank and a sponge filter works great for a guppy tank.
  12. I recently changed out the substrate so that is why Im more concerned. It seems everyone is saying pretty much the same as I was thinking. Thanks for your help. It is appreciated 🙂
  13. I can, but that takes up a lot of space. I want to just use the sponge filter. I don't want my tank to crash so thought I would leave both in for a while.
  14. I am changing up my 20 gallon tank. I want to make it a planted tank, so I just changed the substrate. I have a few guppies in it at the moment. I have a HOB filter and I want to switch to a sponge filter. I currently have both filters running in the tank. I am afraid to just disconnect the HOB because it has all the biological good stuff in it. I figured if I keep the sponge filter in the tank it will get seeded from the other filter. How long do you I need to keep both filters in the tank?
  15. I plan to add pellets and liquid fertilize How often would you suggest I add both ?
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