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  1. Which ram is your favorite? German Blue or Bolivian? Personally, I'm voting for Bolivian.
  2. Are your Anubias rhizomes under the substrate? If so, that is why. Fror-Affix from Seachem is a good way to ensure plants stay attached to things if that's what you're looking for. Hope this helps!
  3. 1. What is the largest tank you've ever cared for? 54 Gallon Bowfront (current)2. What is the most amount of tanks you've kept? Why? 1 community tank, because it's the easiest to manage.3. What is the next plant you wish to have in your tank? Madagascar Lace4. What is the biggest challenge you face with maintenance? Keeping the gravel bits in my sand off to the side.5. How often do you test your tank? Not very often, heavily planted with stable pH.6. Do you have aquarium salt on hand and what was the last time you used it? Yes, but I haven't used it since I had a baby clown loach in a 20 😞 R.I.P.7. Have you ever kept a tank with a planted substrate, what did you like or dislike? No, but it looks cool!8. What is your favorite thingamajig that you have for your tank? (something you use) Pre-filter sponges with the ends cut off for my spray bar.9. What is your favorite color and do you have any fish in that color? In fish, it's yellow, and no.10. Choose 2: Seiryu stone, Ohko stone, Red Lava Rock, Mopani wood, Manzanita wood. Red Lava Rock and Manzanita.
  4. Let me know if you've kept ropefish before! Also let me know how much they were!
  5. A betta is also great. Also consider a pair of shell-dweller cichlids if you have hard water. (Shell dwellers need lots of shells, though, and weaker plants may be uprooted.)
  6. It'll be close, but I think Philly will win after what they did to the Niners.
  7. Yes, I have one, family owned since the 1930's. I have 3, A general pet store with a huge fish selection (where I get rare fish 😏), a small betta and monster fish shop with hundreds of awesome bettas, and a small reef and basic freshwater species store. They are all at least a 20 minute drive from my house, which is kind of a pain with gas prices and all, but worth it. Also, I feel bad for anyone in the Midwest. The local supply is limited there, because it's farther from the ocean.
  8. My pick is on the Eagles. Sorry, Cowboys Fans!
  9. If you are looking for something interesting with personality, I'd go with a single pea puffer. They love bloodworms, and they develop a relationship with the owner. They can be found at around $5-$7 a piece. Hope this helps!
  10. When I had them, they ate whatever I fed the rest of the fish, which was Fluval color flakes. I've seen them eat every thing from prepared foods to duckweed, so maybe yours has an issue or disease. Hope this helps!
  11. I like the idea of the pseudomugil gertrudae, because they have a great personality. Also, if you have some moss, they may lay eggs. The other two options are great ideas though! 🙂 Hope this helps.
  12. I didn't mean to be a critic. I just wanted to hear some opinions.😀
  13. That's strange. My LFS has them sometimes. Hope you can keep them someday. I tried Furcatas😀
  14. I plan on getting ropefish and I want to feed them redworms, but I want them to be from a safe and readily available source. Are redworms sold as tackle safe for fish? Let me know if you feed tackle worms to fish and how they do with them. Thanks!
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