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  1. @Colu / @Odd Duck - do you have a specific fenbendazole or flubendazole product/treatment that you recommend? Is it similar to levamisole where you are merely paralyzing the worms and they need to be removed after, and the treament needs to be repeated for an extended period of time? One product i found is a fenbendazole flake. Treament as listed is: "One feeding of this food exclusively, every other day for 5 total feedings will give the proper dosage. Feed the fish only once on the day of the treatment at the end of the day. They should be kept hungry, so they will eat vigorously. Repeat the full treatment after 3 weeks" In regards to trying to reduct the amount of the mycobacterium in the tank, do either of you have any thoughts on Diana Walstads method of using UV sterilizers to stop the proliferation of the mycobacterium? Whats really getting me is that the cpds deaths have been so slow in incoming. It was over a year before the first loss. And several months for the first white cloud death.
  2. To update anyone that comes across this thread, I did end up losing all of my endlers. I finished out @Odd Duck's levamisole and paracleanse routine and during that time and for months after I did not lose anymore fish (CPDS and corys being the fish here). I waited an additional 3 months after the last endler death and introduced 10 white cloud mountain minnows after a 8wk quarantine in which i treated with the med trio on week 1 and then followed up with Odd Duck's levamisole and paracleanse routine starting on week 3 to cover all my bases before introducting into the main tank. All was well for several months but starting in August I lost my first CPD and a White Cloud, and from August to now (November 27th) I lost an additional 5 white clouds and 4 cpds (no cory deaths still...those buggers are sticking it out). The only visible symptoms have been sunken bellys on 2 CPDS, thinning of two White Clouds, and then behavioral changes such as isolating themselves from the rest of the tank and surface hanging. Nitrates have stayed around 10-15ppm, and all other paramterers remain as listed at the start of the original post. When the deaths started up again I did @Colu's kanaplex and jungle fungus clear treatment as that was the only major treatment I had not yet attempted. In total every fish in my care as well as the display tank have gone through a full treament of maracyn, kanaplex/jungle fungus clear, and levamisole/paracleanse over the last year. I'm now at the point where I suspect a Mycobacteriosis infection (fish TB). Sources seem conflicting on whether or not mycobacteria is present in all aquariums, and whether its lethalitly is merely determined by the fishes immune system / stress levels. These sources claim all you can do is manage the bacteria load through UV sterilizers and adequate filtration, aeration, and overall stable and appropriate water parameters (Diana Walstad's take). Or if it is less prevalent and once identified the whole system needs to be scrapped and disinfected (the nuclear option). I think I might find a fish vet or pathologist to conduct a necropsy and fast-acid stain to check for mycobaceriosis. Unforuntately there are non in my city but I am exploring options. I would love to have other tanks / aquascapes and continue in this hobby. But at this point I have to admit I am feeling discouraged. That being said I am grateful for this community and the contributors that have provided guidance for myself and others. Below is how the tank looks these days
  3. @Colu after day 5 if not doing another round of treament, how long would you wait before doing a water change to get the meds out?
  4. Appreciate your help and time as always!
  5. @Colu For your Kanaplex and jungle fungus treament routine, are you adding full dose (for my 20g 2 tabs) everday that says jungle fungus clear? For the total treatment: 10 tabs? Double checking since the directions say add 1 dose of jungle fungus, wait 4 days and then add a second dose.
  6. I have to say the 40 is looking AMAZING! Once I have more space I'm hoping to do a 40g breeder cold water river tank
  7. Sorry to hear that. Did any other CPDs end up affected?
  8. Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear he passed. Did any other CPDs end up affected?
  9. Hey @Marc! How did things turn out for you CPD? I got the exact same thing going on with one of mine. Same pogo sticking around
  10. Hey @jwcarlson, how did things turn out for you CPD? I got the exact same thing going on with one of mine. Same pogo sticking around
  11. @Odd Duck I’m running activated carbon now (in case there were any contaminants killing the endlers) but will be removing it to dose expel-p today. Can I add the carbon back after the first 24hrs of medicating and the water change? Or do I need to leave it out for the next few weeks? I know most of the affects of the expel-p should take place in 24hrs but I wasn’t sure if the remaining amount sitting in the tank over the next week was actively doing something?
  12. They were very appreciative of the heads up. They said they haven't had any issues with the endlers stock or heard anything but they will follow up with the breeder and their in house biologist is going to run some tests on one of the endlers still in their current stock.
  13. Super insightful, appreciate all the help from yourself and the other contributors!
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