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  1. It's not about rooting, it's about growing anaerobic bacteria as opposed to just aerobic bacteria.
  2. Been watching Father Fish on YT. I've been doing his setup without even knowing it until recently. Fluval Stratum and some crushed lava rock as a base in media bags with holes big enough for roots, topped with Flourite black sand. 6" in the back total and 4" in the front. Heavily planted and probably over stocked, two Marineland PRO 400s with the cartridges full of Matrix and Biomax rings. I don't ever need to do water changes, it's self sustaining at this point. My nitrates went up to like 20 the last time I added fish but are usually at 0. But then again a bunch of people in this thread saying they use gravel as a substrate, which is just a terrible idea for planted tanks.
  3. Thank you. They only had 4. Hoping to get at least 5 more or 8 more for either 9 or 12 total.
  4. Thanks. I'm just hoping Petco gets some more in soon that look the exact same.
  5. Agree with that. I was using some of the Seachem glue and it looks awful. Definitely had to rearrange some things so it wasn't visible.
  6. Bumping an old thread hoping for ID assistance. Local Petco had these listed as punctatus, but they look like peppered to me. Want to get more or the same when I can find some since they only had 4. TIA. I have a 75g. What size school makes them happy? 6? 9? 12?
  7. Feed at night once the light is off. I never seen mine during the day. Ironically I saw one today with the light on for the first time in months. Half the time I wonder if they died. I use Hikari sinking wafers. If I'm sneaky and I have a dim external light near my tank on and the tank light is off I can see them come out and feed sometimes at night. Kind of an odd fish to have in that regard since I never see them, but I have a lot of java fern on three large pieces of drift wood which is where they live during the day so I know they are helping swim around in there and keep it clean.
  8. Use something like a pasta strainer to add the water to help keep it from getting worse. There are probably a ton of ways to accomplish the goal of just not blasting the new water with force down on the stratrum and have it slowly fill up instead. Depends on the tools at your disposal though.
  9. It'll settle down. Don't rinse it. Just let your filter do its job. Are you putting it in with water already in the aquarium or adding water after?
  10. I bought an albino bristlenose and brown bristlenose close to 10 years. I had a 50g that is now a 75g. They started breeding almost immediately. As far as colorations I have seen some interesting things. Most have come out dark, some don't have the bristles on their nose, I've seen some with some orangish stripes and crazy patterns. I have two Marineland Emperor HOB filters so I have to be careful when I clean that out as the babies have a tendency to end up in there. I've got no adult albinos left, my last one just died a couple of months ago actually so I was a bit sad. So I'm not geneticist but the brown seems to be dominant. That being said, they hadn't bred in a while until recently and I've got quite a few babies in the tank right now and at least 4-5 are albino so I'm happy about that. I used to have an upside down catfish that I'm pretty sure ate the babies but it passed away a few months ago after being in my tank 8-10 years so my current babies seem to be all surviving and growing. I think they're about 2 months old now. I try to give them away as much as possible. If anyone is on the southside of Atlanta I'd be happy to get rid of some. I probably have 20-25 adults in my tank right now.
  11. Thank you for the advice. I do not even know where to purchase these items, nor do I honestly want to spend this much energy and money saving two tetras. How likely is this to spread to other fish? I have a heavily planted 75g so even getting them out to quarantine would be difficult.
  12. It started (I think) with some fungus on a gourami on its side which died quickly before I had a chance to treat. Then a couple days later I noticed this white growth on the two tetras that I uploaded. Right now it's just on those two fish. Just a few other tetras and a bunch of plecos in the tank right now.
  13. Following this. I have the same thing on a couple of neon tetras. Have been treating with Pimafix and Melafix for almost a week. It has not reduced the issue at all but at least it has not spread to any other fish. pH 7.1, nitrates, ammonia, nitrites all 0. Temp is 74.
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