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  1. Hello I have a 120 gal tank, 24x24x48. It is a newer planted tank with 2-48” aquarium co-op lights. Do I have enough lighting or do I need a third light fixture? I do not see any oxygen bubbles being created from the plants in the tank. I am not using co2 currently but will in the near future. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello: Can someone identify this plant. I want to make sure I don't repurchase. Thank you, Eric
  3. Thank you everyone for your feedback on my question. I should have been more specific concerning the tank. The tank is 48x24x24. It will be planted with moderate amount of community fish, tetras, guppies etc. i appreciate all the different ideas that was provided. I have a lot to think about it.
  4. Hello I am in the process of purchasing everything for a brand new 120 gal tank. I was going to use one large co-op sponge filter and the remaining filtration would be a tidal hob filter. Should I go with 2 tidal 75 or 1 tidal 110 or something totally different? Any advice would be appreciated. thank you and thanks for reading my post
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