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  1. I am all for supporting ACO as well. But I guess what I am saying is that you need both. Sometimes the algae scrubbers from ACO are just not enough to get the glass 100 % clean.
  2. The Algae Scrubbers are great from ACO but I would also recommend this, Amazon.com : Pronetcus Algae Scraper for Glass Aquariums, Fish Tank Cleaner, Aquarium Algae Scrapers with 10 Stainless Steel Blades. : Pet Supplies
  3. After doing water changes for 5 days in a row due to ich, hoping most of the water softener water is gone. I have noticed some improvement with some of the plants and hoping to see more of that in the coming weeks. Definitely a bit of a pain and $$ making water weekly and getting it heated to 76 but am willing to keep that up due to the amount of money I’ve spent on plants. Wondering if easy green fertilizer is the best solution or if you all recommend something else?
  4. So I am on week 3 of using bypass water and distilled and notice my rummy nose tetras have Ich. So I dosed with Ich-x and will be doing 1/3 water changes along with dosing Ich-x every day for the next 3-4 days. My question is should I be adding fertilizer (EG) with every water change?
  5. I would say 84 degrees is not going to bode well for any plants in your aquarium. But not sure what your intentions are for this tank.
  6. Bought a coop heater today from my LFS and will be using it for my 100% bypass cold water. Get an aquarium they said, it will be fun they said. 😂😂💰💰
  7. So much info and why do plants have to be so hard. I feel you @awgraham I am dealing with the same issue and trying to trust the process. The tanks that are shown here really don’t feel like it’s even possible but here’s to hoping. Good luck.
  8. After some additional testing it looks like I am still getting some soft (salt) water in my tank by using the faucet in the kitchen. The cold water bypasses the soft water but the hot does not. In order to get the water to 77 I obviously am using some of the soft water but less then I was by using the bathroom faucet where both the cold and hot are all soft water. Ugh. I am showing higher GH though.
  9. Just noticed plant prices dropped on the coop site. 👏
  10. Did my 50/50 bypass water & distilled water change Saturday and it looks like the parameters are already changing.
  11. I’ll be doing a water change tomorrow with half distilled and half of my bypass water. 🤞I’ll keep that up for a month and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  12. Yes, and I feel like I have met the requirements of these plants based on their needs. I am using easy green, root tabs and easy iron. None of which seem to really help. Hoping that by bypassing my water softener it will improve the plants health.
  13. All the above. The only plant that is doing ok is my red dwarf lily. Everything else either melts away dies or grows extremely slow. I have a mix of plants Java Fern Val Java Moss Red Flame Sword Chain Sword Mayaca Fluviatilis Pogostemon Stellatus Crypt Green and Red ( not sure if the Red is every going to come back from melting) I have spent way too much on plants, mostly due to replacing them as they die off.
  14. It was between 150-300 PPM. Really hard to get exact based on the color of the strip. I also have the API liquid test if that is more accurate. I am not opposed to buying a tds meter if they are not that $$$.
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