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  1. I've read all the comments (or most of them) about hydra not posing any "danger" to fish, BUT I found them to be really unpleasant to see whenever I looked into my 9-10 month old 20G tank, so I was determined to get rid of them. So, based on a number on-line favorable comments/recommendations, I ordered some PLANARiA ZERO from Japan. It took about two weeks to arrive. I followed the instructions and BAM!, at the end of the 5-day treatment I had zero hydra. None, nada, zip. Great product. I was, and am, a very satisfied customer.......
  2. Hey I'm new here and can't get my Fluval 3.0 to connect with my iPhone. I'm no techie, but am somewhat familiar with utilizing Bluetooth with both the iPhone & my MacBook to play music over a couple of different speaker systems. After 3/4 hours trying all the Fluval suggestion, NOTHING............. (except huge frustration) Any of you have problems with initial set up? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks. I ran searches for both "battery backup" and "surge protectors" before posting the question as I didn't want to ask a question about a topic that had already been covered..... I got no "hits" on either one so I thought it might be OK to ask....
  4. Newbie here w/ a question: Any thoughts/recommendations regarding battery backup surge protectors? 20 gal. tank now with plans to get a 55 within a couple of months. Thanks in advance.🙂
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