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  1. Thank you. A lot of trial an error, I went from sponge filter, to HMF, to HOB with certain media in it. I realized my well water is just completely different and what works for some won't with me. Started with a 5 gallon, then 10 gallon, and my friend gave me this 14 gallon cube. Took some patience to get the algae down.
  2. It would be helpful to share your lighting schedule, fertilizer schedule, other plants, water parameters, etc... Also, it doesn't look that bad. Some algae is healthy. I can't name a stream, river, or pond that doesn't have algae
  3. Wanted to share a lovely aquarium morning. Thanks to all in the forum and aquarium coop for helping me get to this point.
  4. Looks beautiful! I actually really like how you did the planting around the filter. I just received my kit today and installing it tonight. I bought some plastic to keep the gravel out of the way, do you think that's necessary?
  5. Hi there, I also have high pH, hovering around 8 and hard water. I successfully have one cherry shrimp, 2 died. I acclimated them very slowly using the drip method and dumping water, over the course of a few hours. Again one made it.
  6. Hey there, Just took advantage of the sale going on petco. I ordered a side matten filter for my 10 gallon and looking to do a similar setup as yours. Would you mind posting a picture of your current setup? Thanks and I hope it's going well.
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