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  1. hi ty for that the pet store had tolb me they dont like to go up high tank is 23 inches tall and the dividers were made by my husband so i originally was going to put my bettas in their they are in tanks bow where i only do water changesi did not know that about air pumps for them i do have one that came with the tank i will forego a female betta tank so i am trying to figure out if i should move my bettas in there or start a new tank ty for your help
  2. ty for that i had thought about doing female bettas so that i wouldnt need to cycle because they go to the top to breath? i then thought female bettas male guppies but i found the guppies need a oxygen thing i have 8 nale bettas that i were going to put in i made bividers but then i heard they cdont like to swim up high so im confused will they still breathe from the top ty for all your help just trying to do right by the fishies
  3. i would prefer a sponge filter i only have betta fish currently i only do water changes on them no filter because i really didnt understand how to cycle
  4. hi i was given a 56 gallon tank i currently have 8 male betta fish in seperate housing 6 are housed in 1.5 gallon and 3 and 4 gallon i was going to move them in there but was told the height might be too much it is 23 inches we made dividers for the tank with holes but were unsure wether to move because i am not sure how to cycle a tank or if i can just do water changes i also had bought a air pump? magnetic vibration air pump ? and was unsure how to use and als heater they currently have their water changed and their temp is 70 in my house and water so my questions are many but should i live bettas be or start a new tank
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