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  1. Awesome I will look into that. thanks
  2. Thank you all for the information I think I will cut off the worst ones and use peroxide. on the others with a 3% dilution.
  3. I have my light on for 8 hrs a day. Fertilizer is once a week when I do a 25% water change. I add one cap. Prime and stability. I use tap water. Water para's are in the typical. Thanks,
  4. How do I get rid of this algae it been in my tank for over two months?
  5. Lennie, Thanks and there is no hurry I enjoy them being little and see them get used to the new tank. funny how fast they acually grow I have a few zebra loaches and all of a sudden they doubled in size. Have a great day and thanks for the reply We are in so. cal riverside area. Awesome! I agree it is a nice addition to the family.
  6. Can anyone tell me what type of Pleco this is I bought it at a local pet store and it was supposed to be a bristle nose but no bristles
  7. Lennie, Thanks water is good it only comes out once in a while the other one is just fine. I will try the air bath and see if that works he hasnt eaten or moved around the tank for weeks. I feed them pleko waffers and pellets. sometimes they will get a blood worm the other fish dont really bother them.
  8. I have two golden mystery snails and they have grown and have been very active. one of them has just stopped moving he / she sticks its antennas out every once in a while or its snorkle but doesnt move the other one is just fine. I do weekly water changes and keep the tank clean. I have a sponge filter and a HOB filter
  9. It hasnt givin birth yet I am going to start on a salt regime and see what happens I dont have another tank to move her to. I will start witht he salt
  10. Hawyun

    Platy problem

    My female is ready to give birth and has this thing sticking out of its anal area. Does anyone know what this is? or how to treat it she eats and seems fine.
  11. I have a female platy that is going to give birth soon it is a third gen. and she has a BB size white thing coming out of her anus
  12. Well I did another 25 percent water change and it look alot better. i need to get some prime and do it again thanks for the help still a little bit cloudy but much better I think I will let it go for a few days
  13. Awsome thanks how did this happen and how do you get rid of it?
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