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  1. That’s what I did. My Green Severum is my all time favorite so far in this hobby. He’s my last acquisition in a 50 year fascination with almost every kind of aquatic creature.He had a small lesion a few month’s ago. I’m thinking of restocking and getting him a mate. Thank you all for your support.
  2. The nitrates are between 40ppm and 80ppm so they’re more like 60. It’s a mixed peacock African cichlid tans that pretty understocked for a cichlid setup. Most of the should by most people standards not be together but I have very little actual fighting more competing for the ladies. I’ve got 2 cobalt blue MBuna that are a matched male and female that are causing some injuries to each other I might have to give them up. The only affected fish is my Green Severum”Spartacus”. He has a small white parasite emerging between his 5th and 6th dorsal fin spike. He has a small white spot near his right eye as well. He’s acting and eating well. It’s my fault for neglecting my routine as I’ve been ill. I’m hoping the paracleanse and some salt will help. Maybe raise the temperature to 82%. Idk if I should dose with PolyGaurd as well or wait. Luckily I’ve only had to treat illness once before in any tank. So I don’t want to overdo it. Thank for your concern. Sorry about the quality but see the white worm like protruding between his dorsal spikes? I tried to brush it of but he was busy eating.I’ll try to get a better pic after I do the water changes.
  3. So anyone have any ideas on steps to take? 25-30% water change, add paracleanse and med concentration of salt? Should I up temp to 82%? Am I doing this wrong?
  4. Meds on hand, Paracleanse, PolyGaurd, Fritz A+ Aquarium Salt. No other fish are showing any signs of illness. Everyone is acting normal and eating and playing as per. Mostly needing to know how much salt, temp at 80• Fahrenheit
  5. Thank you every one for responding to my post. Very kind of you all. I am an old school water box enthusiast. I’m not sure how to put photos up. Lmk Lmk how to add pics. I have 6 boxes of water.
  6. Hello everyone, Excited to be here and accepted to a most awesome group of fish lovers and all things aquatic. Great day to you all and be happy in all your wet endeavors. Liz
  7. I usually leave my fish in. I did a 75% water change 2 days ago because I’ve been really sick and hadn’t been able to keep up on water changes for 2 weeks, All the fish are doing fine but I’m afraid I caused a bacteria bloom that is taking forever to clear up. Looks better today but I won’t do it that way again I don’t think.
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