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  1. @k0olminiAir flows both ways, so it will produce bubbles through the air stone no matter the direction of the check valve @nabokovfan87It is the check valve from Aquarium Co-Op, I don't see an indicator of direction. In a video I watched from Corey, he said if there is no air, switch the direction of the check valve. So out of curiosity , I tried it both ways to see what would happen, and air flows both ways.
  2. I purchased a check valve and it allows airflow both ways. Does this mean it's bad? Thanks
  3. I've had a tank for a few years, but now I'm wanting to branch out and step up my understanding more about fish like the scientific naming and where particular fish come from. I know I could do a Google search but I prefer a book to read in the evenings. What do you recommend and why? A couple specific interests I have currently are Appistogramas, Rams, and aquatic plants.
  4. First time posting. Just recently created an account because after several years of watching the Aquarium Co-Op videos online and having a tank for awhile, I want to eventually try breeding Apistos. Been looking around on the forum and really like the feel of the community. I currently have a 29 Gallon with Red Eye Tetras, Serpae Tetras, Neon Tetras and a albino Bristlenose Pleco I also just yesterday setup a 3 gallon in my office for a Betta (no fish yet, just a couple Cryptocoryne Wendtii) I'm not extremely creative and several usernames were taken so I went with smhslt > So Many Hobbies So Little Time (I'm interested in a lot of things, the big ones are hunting, gardening, ham radio, electronics, science, and of course aquariums) -Scott
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