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  1. @AllFishNoBrakes Yes my water is fairly hard, around 3dkh and 5 dgh. ~150ppm. So I’m assuming the build up is at least partially minerals.
  2. I noticed a decrease in the flow on my easy flow. I removed the air collar and cleaned the inside with a toothbrush to clean the "gunk" that built up inside. It was back to normal after cleaning. It has been running since early December so about 2.5 months. Here's how it looked before cleaning it.
  3. Yep, definitely Albino Neon Tetras. Red Eyes
  4. They look good! Will definitely continue showing more color as they mature
  5. @Guppysnail You're welcome! I found them very easy to spawn. I just fed flake and xtreme nano and they just spawned without me knowing until I moved them and saw fry shortly after. Once they are old enough, you will probably see them spawning throughout the day. Your plan sounds perfect. I'm sure you will be successful. Good luck, let me know if you have any other questions!
  6. I am currently breeding them. I have fry about 2 months old. I had the most success putting all 8 of my adults in a 10 gallon tank with a bunch of java moss for about 2 weeks then moving the adults to another tank. Then fry just showed up 10-20 days later. The 10 gallon tank was at 72f until I realized there was fry then I slowly turned up the heater to 76. I also used a spawning mop in a tank and pulled a few eggs everyday. They are definitely good at finding and eating eggs. A good amount of java moss is probably more ideal because they don't seem to be able to get to the eggs as easily. I fed the fry 5-50 micron golden pearls and vinegar eels until they were big enough for baby brine shrimp. I think it will be difficult to raise fry in a tank with adults because adults will prey on eggs and fry. The fry are also pretty small at first and would struggle to find enough food. My luminatus are not too shy but are in a tank by themselves. I don't think they would mind other peaceful fish like Aspidoras. Seems like the tank you have them raising up in would be good to get a spawning mop or two in or java moss and then move them to the Aspidoras tank and raise the fry in their current tank? I'm not sure how young yours are but I believe they are sexually mature around 6 months old. I got mine from Dans Fish at the end of Jan 2023 and they were spawning a few weeks later. Here is the 10 gallon tank the fry are raising up in now. This is the tank the adults got moved to and I had the spawning mop in. I have a few shorts with these as well.
  7. I found them easy to breed. Main thing was a lot of food. Frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, repashy. Temp was about 75-76. Cold water change to drop the temp a few degrees triggered it after heavy feeding for a week or two. I'd also recommend adding a few dried leaves (catappa/guava/magnolia). It definitely seemed to help. Used a spawning mop laying down on the substrate which the panda corys loved to hang out in. They laid eggs in the mop and on some of the magnolia leaves. Raising fry was pretty easy as well.
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