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  1. I mean when it comes time to clean it remove the chlorine dechlorinate the water some conditioners might affect it the purigen . I’ve never used chemical filtration so I was a bit concern that’s all .
  2. Lol ok great .thanks for the tip .seachem makes it sound like you are only suppose to use their stuff so their other stuff can work 😂😂😂 thanks again Simple and easy 👍 I like that 😂
  3. Hi everyone i have a simple question so I’m planning on introducing purigen to my tank . And I use Fritz complete water conditioner just wanna make sure but work well .Mix well. I have read the purigen doesn’t regenerate well with certain water conditioners .I have also read in the past that prime and Fritz are almost the same ?? I just don’t want some bad juju in my tank 😂😂😂 thanks in advance!!
  4. What do u feed your ram …was he picky ? what other natural snack would u recommend?
  5. This is way i was lso scared 😟 ….I’ll have to order it cause the only close fish store is Petco and PetSmart. So would u recommend one of the 2 .if so which one would u say is more effective ?… Also would u recommend pulling them out or do u recommend treating the whole tank just to play it safe with the other fishes . This little guy has been glass surfing from time to time that’s the only random thing I’ve notice from him
  6. I’m not sure if it’s poop …doesn’t look like it .please tell me it’s not persistes I’ve had them for like 3 days they were shipped to me on Friday I just saw this coming out of my ram it doesn’t look familiar please tell me it’s not parasites
  7. Thanks for the advice .I’m definitely trying some of your suggestions for food . I was so scared ordering online.But so far so good 😊 their q bit shy one of them window surfs from time to time I’m not sure if it’s normal behavior? also anyway u can tell their sex already ?I forgot to ask . And thanks again!!
  8. I forgot not sure if some one can tell already if their male or female ?? After sticking together for the first days each took a different place in the tank and each are starting to I guess u can say “mark their territory” 😂 Also one is bigger so not sure if it’s the size 🤷‍♂️
  9. Thanks so much .your rams are beautiful to ..I was so skeptical but curious to order fish online but I definitely don’t regret it ☺️they are amazing and they seem to be doing great .thanks for the advice. I agree so much …so under appreciated they are amazing 😱
  10. First of all hi this are my first gorgeous pair of bolivian rams and they are my first fish i order online . they came in yesterday .I got them from aqua huna and they seem to be doing good so far .They did eat already .they do still seem a bit stress cause they sometimes glass surf for a little bit . But so far so good and so far I’m satisfied. they are so gorgeous 😱😱😱 im just hoping to get an opinion from previous owners of rams or someone a bit more experience then me on how they look since I’ve never had rams before . also hoping on some suggestions on keeping them healthy and happy . Thanks I’m advance .
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