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  1. I dont have anything to test the levels. The co-op said that i wouldnt be able to grow them because i have hard water and how my tank is set up. So they issued me a refund.
  2. My Nitrates are at 10ppm Nitrites at 0 ppm. I normally leave the lights on for 8 hours using the finnex stingray. But lately getting alot of green water.
  3. I dont have Co2 set up with mine. Just sponge filter and small powerhead type filter. Stocked with guppies. Its a 20Gal long tank with a 24 in finnex stingray light. Cause its a shallow tank i tend to get alot of green water. Gonna try installing a dimmer switch like ive seen dean do on the co-op channel.
  4. Recently got scarlett temples from the coop. Its been about a month or so and ive supplemented with easy green and root tabs. But the plants seem to rot from roots, leaves fall off and the ones that are still on look discolored and wilted. Ive gotten Anubais and Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus and i cant seem to kill those. Never had a red plant or these temples before so its new for me. What am i doing wrong? Can i save these or do i buy new ones and start over?
  5. Do i just leave it alone or i propograte them? And how if so?
  6. So i went to petco and bought those java ferns plants they sell in the tubes with the gel at the bottom and they seem to be doing well in the tank. Have them glued to some driftwood. Im seeing stems and leaves sprouting from the existing leaves. Is that normal and can i propograte? Ill drop a picture when i get back home.
  7. Ive heard and read in forums that petcos and petsmarts and sometimes even lfs sometimes mislabel fish, so thats a possiblity. Was just curious of how many brisltenose pleco types were there. I would think with so many species out there, some would maybe grow larger than others.
  8. Hmmm idk maybe. Ive had the albino bout 5 years and the larger one bout 3-4 years. Got them both when they were bout half inch long. Vaders a thicc boi compared to him 😂😂
  9. Im actually really curious if hes just a regular bristlenose or if a different strain considering he’s so much bigger than my albino.
  10. Meet Vader my Bristlenose pleco. Had him for 4 years now when he was maybe only half an inch long. But he grew alot bigger and faster than my albino pleco. Id say that Vader is about 7-8 inches now and the albino is about 5 inches and ive had him longer.
  11. The ones you have def look really great! Im not sure what ill find here in Illinois but after seeing yours i feel like i could try it! Ive got an extra tank laying around so i just might
  12. Anyone have any native tanks? Seen on people net native fish from their local streams or rivers to keep in tanks. I live near the fox river and wondered if anyones done or got anything like that? Post below!
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